Monday, May 02, 2005

powerful house guardians!!

We have some powerful house guardians.
Tonight, while my husband was at school & I was at Curious Goods (doing a ritual which included asking the gods to watch over my home!), someone smashed in the front window (on the porch) and tossed our house. They did not take ANYTHING. Not one thing--not the digital camera lying on the couch, nor the laptop next to the bed, not VCRs or DVD players or computers or PDAs, or my friend's $6,000 microcurrent body sculpting machine which I am borrowing.
The housebreaker even CLOSED THE SCREEN so the cats didn't get out.
The only fatality, beside the window, was a beautiful lizard made of Legos which my best friend gave me last year. I have all the pieces and I hope she can fix it. The stained-glass lamp she made me was knocked over and the bulb broke but the lamp itself was not broken.
I feel horrible that someone was in our house, going through our drawers. They touched my altar. They went through everything. The police don't understand why nothing was taken or broken. It's like they were looking for something specific. Either they found it (and we haven't figured out what that thing is) or they got scared away.
I am saddened that our house was chosen when my neighbors weren't home either (the police knocked on doors) but I am GRATEFUL that nothing was taken (so far that we've found) and that all our possessions, except the Lego Lizard, were spared.
We have the Bear spirit which protects our land, and the tree spirits in the back yard, and of course the Circle.
Thank you.

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