Thursday, May 26, 2005

happy 7 ix!! 7 Ix 12 Zip
day 254/260

Ah, Ix, the Jaguar--the most beautiful card in the Mayan Oracle deck and one of the most beautiful energies. My beloved friend and High Priestess Lady Hawke, who was also lucky enough to be born in the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese pantheon, has an Ix birthday as well-some people have all the luck!
Ix is the natural Earth Shaman who knows how and when to ride the natural waves of energy, allowing himself (or herself) to be squarely in the flow of abundance.
Today, of course, being number 7, is a great day! 7 is balance and magic. For all of us non-Ix people, enjoy the ride!

Since I am going to be away all weekend, I am going to pre-post the Tzolkin for those days.

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soulcompanion2700 said...

Good Morning Gevera,

Interesting dream sequence you had last night. Sorry to hear about your plants being damaged. Axuan and Chac have been quiet around my neck of the world. I wish they would send in some wind and rain, minus the damage, but sometimes gain requires pain I guess. Happy 7 Ix to you also. I just love life, it is a fun ride. I thank the gods for all they have done for us. It could always be much worse. Talk to you later.