Wednesday, May 25, 2005

happy 6 ben 6 Ben 11 Zip day 253

Ah, Ben. Was it twenty days ago when I was quoting Led Zeppelin? "I am a traveller of both time and space, to be where I have been?"
The Tzolkin is winding down, my friends. 7 days to go. Do you feel the change?
Did anyone read Stephen King's novella The Langoliers? (It was in 4 Past Midnight). Basically some people get stuck in the immediate past, which is like a discarded shell of the world with no life, just empty buildings and blowing wind, and these creatures called the Langoliers come and eat it all up. The past had no shine, no life, no resonance. Lighters and matches didn't work, soda and beer were flat straight from the can/tap, musical instruments sounded hollow and flat. It was a world that had moved on. (Although I think that description is actually from the Dark Tower books)
And so it is now. This world is moving on. Finish up your projects, tie up your lose ends, and wait for the shiny new world to arrive next week.

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soulcompanion2700 said...

Hello Gevera,

I hope you enjoy the Tlakael's visit this weekend. You sure had an interesting dream the other night. I turn 50 on the first day of the upcoming Tzolkin cycle, June 1st is my birthday. Is that the first day of the Tzolkin cycle you are following? Or am I off a little? I am not real familiar with the Tzolkin calendar as you follow it, the Aztec method I believe. I do follow the Mam Maya calendar as prescribed by the shamans of Todos Santos Guatemala. But even there I may have strayed a few days off the original beat of things. Oh, this is soulcompanion9700 from the Yahoo feathered serpent group. Things are rather quiet over there on Yahoo. Seems like we are in a little lull. That is the way those online groups and chat rooms go. You have a surge of activity then a long lull. This is the first blog I've been a part of. I think I will start making dream entries and other things as you are. Good intentions by themself don't get the job done. So we will see how that goes. Thanks for being open and sharing yourself with others. Your dreams, experiences, and knowledge are valuable.