Friday, May 13, 2005

happy 7 Imix portal day! 7 Imix 19 Uo

We are in the last 20 days of this Tzolkin! Today is the 2nd to last "sowing" portal day--set your intent.

Imix is the "water monster", the crocodile or alligator. In the legends of North America, the world is carried on the back of a giant turtle--some tribes call the continent "Turtle Island." In Meso-America, the world is carried on the back of the crocodile. So the water monster is literally Mother Earth. The Dreamspell people call this daysign "Dragon" and impart to it the mythology of the dragon from Europe, and to me it doesn't really fit. (Then again, I don't like the Dreamspell stuff very much.)

7 is of course the perfectly balanced center between 1 & 13, a day of magic & harmony.

In the Haab, today is the last day of Uo.

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