Sunday, July 31, 2005

Happy 8 ahau 8 Ahau 18 Xul

It's the Ahau celebration day, and today I celebrated by going to the baptism of my best friend's baby, whose birthday just happens to be 7 Ahau, making her 280 days old. (isn't that great? can't do that with the Julian calendar.)
Ahau, lord flower, the best and highest you can be. What to strive for.
A day to do your best and be your best.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Happy 7 Cauac 7 Cauac 17 Xul

Seven rainstorm, energy from heaven. Two days ago you prayed, yesterday you got confirmation of the truth, today you are blessed. What a lovely progression.
It's the lovely balanced day of Cauac. You will feel blessed in all you do. Look for a door to open.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Happy 6 Etznab, manifestation portal 6 Etznab 16 Xul

Etznab is about balance, energy exchange, sacrifice and things not being what they seem.
Today we'll be manifesting through Eztnab energies. Look for sudden realizations of truth & justice (perhaps based on yesterday's prayers for help?).
Six is one of the balance days of 6-7-8, so look to be ultra-fair in your dealings today, in this dual-energy of balance.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Happy 5 Caban 5 Caban 15 Xul

Caban: earthquakes, incense, sudden changes, talking to the gods.
Five: almost balanced, decent energy
Hmm, good day to "say your prayers" --as long as you know how. The way I was taught is to say "Lord, I am not worthy" and then make a request. How stupid is that? That's not the way to do it. If someone walked up to you and said, "Hey, I'm a real jerk. Gimme $20." Would you? If the same person said, "Look, I'm in a bad place. I need $20. In return, I'll tell people you're great and feed you." That's not such a bad deal. Who would you give the $20?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Happy 4 Cib 4 Cib 14 Xul

Cib: the vulture who eats karma and trash
4: low/elemental
Clean your house. Feng-shui your surroundings. Remember that in Feng shui, things that are hidden still count! Good if you don't want guests to see the red ribbons you've tied on everything, bad when you shove piles of old magazines under the couch. And that goes for your subconsious too. What gems are you hiding in there? you think they are hidden, but they aren't...clean your mind too!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Happy 3 Men: Burner day! 3 Men 13 Xul

Happy burner day! Perhaps the recent/ongoing heat wave is part of this burner cycle. Lots of people having heatstrokes and dying.

Men: wise one, akashic records, random knowledge
On a low 3 day like today, do minor research for something you've already started. Brainstorm a little. Do some pendulum work (yes/no/maybe type questions).

Monday, July 25, 2005

Happy 2 Ix 2 Ix 12 Xul

It's a gentle little Ix day--the jaguar, the earth shaman, the special earth/galactic energies. It's a day more for thinking than doing. It's a time for a gentle start or push. Look at things like the moon--it's waning (looks like it will be new around August 4th (12 Kan). What kind of things can you do during a waning moon? Anything which banishes or reduces--banish your debt, your extra weight, your exboy/girlfriends, your massive collection of unwatched VHS tapes. You know where you have "excess abundance" in your life!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Happy 1 Ben... Happy Birthday Queztalcoatl! 1 Ben 11 Xul

It's the little baby Ben day. The day to start trying out concepts having to do with Ben--the reed that bends, that can be used to make boats to travel to new and exciting places, to be a pathfinder, a trail blazer, a knowledge and way seeker.
It's 1 Reed today, Queztalcoatl's birthday. Has anyone heard if he returned? Well, we'll wait another 260 days. Sigh. Would have been cool if he came back during the Tzolkin I was honoring him.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Happy 13 Eb 13 Eb 10 Xul

It's the big one for Eb! Follow your path today, your destiny. Don't listen to others unless you KNOW absolutelly that they have your highest & best in their heart. (And that includes ME dear ones--I am not infallible.)

Friday, July 22, 2005

Happy 12 Chuen 12 Chuen 9 Xul

The penultimate (I love that word) Chuen day! Creativity, mischief, coloring outside the lines.
Think big today.
Not a canvas, but a wall mural. Not a haiku, a book-long ode. If you MUST prank as kind as you can.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


I have some pictures that I will probably post over the weekend, from last week.
But there's been a damper put into the whole re-building thing, though. My mom, who has been helping us out with money and groceries and tuition, lost her job yesterday. My dad has Alzheimer's and his medication is $300/month and now she has no insurance. She can't collect unemployment for 6 months since she got severance pay, but her severance was mostly sucked up for taxes. Her pension is a whopping $100 a month and when the company goes under (as it seems to be doing) that goes away. I should be in a position to ease her burdens at this point in my life, not be holding my hand out.
We still have to buy all the wood chips and the concrete to finish the circle. I don't know if we can afford it.

Happy 11 Oc (Manifestation portal/burner) 11 Oc 8 Xul

It's Oc! Nice Oc, nice doggy. And a lovely dual- energied day of manifestation and a burner. I need some of both--such stuff going on in my life right now.

Since it's an oc portal, look for inspiration and manifestation to come from the angels, spirit guides, your higher self.
Since it's a burner day, these things will be larger-than-life or affect lots of people.
Since it's an 11 day, again, look for high/manic/larger than life happenings.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Happy 10 Muluc 10 Muluc 7 Xul

Muluc-water, emotion, trust
10: getting kind of high

So watch out for issues of trust, especially related to overly-emotional events/people. Like people might try to sucker you into something by tugging your heartstrings. (what a pretty image, too bad it's a cliche)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Happy 9 Lamat 9 Lamat 6 Xul

Lamat: rabbit in the moon, astrology, psychic phenomen, self-indulgence, over-indulgence (drunkeness & promiscuity). Lot of stuf to pack into one small bunny. Lest we not forget, the whole idea of the planet Venus, stars (hence astrology) & Queztalcoatl.
9 is high/balanced
Leaves today pretty wide open, doesn't it? Get a reading for yourself, or do your own self-reading. Go to a spa. Get hammered. Go to the plantarium (might have to get hammered for that too). Worship dragons.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Happy 8 Manik 8 Manik 5 Xul

It's the ultimate Manik day, the celebration. How can we celebrate Manik, one of the more complex daysigns? Deer, cooperation, herd mentality, shyness, being a tool of the gods, a human angel. Well, we could go out among people and do some good deeds. Anonymously, of course. I'll never forget one time my best friend & I tried to do an anonymous good deed. We were going into a gem show and we paid for the two people behind us. We gave the ticket taker our you've been touched by an angel cards & told her to just give the people the cards & tell them their tickets were paid for, and NOT to say who did it. We were barely at the first table in the show and we hear the ticket taker saying loudly "Those two girls over there paid for your tickets--some kind of project they're doing." Sigh. But don't let the idiots of the world ruin your good deeds. Just do it.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

happy 7 Cimi 7 Cimi 4 Xul

It's the balance day for Cimi, agent of change. Transformation. Whatever changes you make today should be relatively painless and for the good of all.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

happy 6 Chicchan 6 Chicchan 3 Xul

Chicchan-serpent & kundalini energy, sex energy. A different kind of creative energy than Kan--Kan feeds into Chicchan.
Six is pretty balanced, a good amount of energy.
Be creative, be wild and crazy.

Friday, July 15, 2005

happy 5 kan 5 Kan 2 Xul

Kan, the lizard, the seed/corn, the muse. Generative energy, the creative spark that gets you going. Five is decent energy, so you should feel motivated today to get off the couch! The stuck-to-the-floor 4 energy of yesterday should be letting go, and the coccoon of Akbal should have given birth to some good ideas. Go forth and do whatever it is you need to do!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

happy 4 Akbal, my Tzolkin birthday (manifestation portal) 4 Akbal 1 Xul

Happy Tzolkin birthday to me! How fun, to have 2 birthdays in six days! The next time the two come so close together will be 2010....and my Tzolkin birthday will match my Julian birthday. I'll be 42. (That's one of the cycles of the Tzolkin meshing with the Julian--42 years, the time of mid-life crisis, kind of a Tzolkin return, if you will. Also, of course, if you're a Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy kind of person, you also know what 42 means!) In 2015 4 Akbal will be July 2, and on my 52nd birthday, 4 Akbal will once again coincide with 6 Tzec, and that will be 13 days off from my Julian birthday. So it's a 5 year thing...2005, 2010, 2015, 2020. So there must have been one in 2000...yup, July 20th.

Enough blathering about my birthday, who cares except for me?

Akbal-darkness, secrets, cave of transformation, butterfly's coccoon. A place where forces come to bear upon you, and change you, transform you.

Four is a square, solid number.
The energy isn't that high. It's very grounded, and also has its own kind of balance. It's about planning, not doing--it's hard to soar when your feet are planted in the earth.

Put those together and it's a day to be still, to meditate, to ALLOW.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Happy 3 Ik & seating of Xul 3 Ik 0 Xul

Hello Xul!

Ik-communication, grounding, breath of the divine, speaking god's words. Energy is starting to increase. Maybe a day to try out channeling or automatic writing, or to open yourself up to the wisdom of the universe, through your Higher Self or spirit guides or even though a teacher.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

happy 2 Imix 2 Imix 19 Tzec

We're into the 3d column of the Tzolkin board. Imix, the crocodile, or alligator, or water monster (cipactli in Aztec/Nahuatl) or dragon (Dreamspell). Mother earth, one who nurtures & protects but also has a savage side, and a smothering side. Which will you be today?
The energy is low, gentle, lax, just beginning to stir (inchoate--don't you just love that word?), to raise its head and say, "What's this? What's going on here?" Test out your mothering instincts by playing with puppies or kittens at the pound, or babysitting a friend or relative's child.

(picture) Quarter offering

Will did these himself. He built a Fire in every quarter using the small rootlings he'd taken out of the center. He added a handful of garnets we'd dug up ourselves for Earth, rum and Water, and a feather from the wing of a bird (not sure what kind of bird) for Air. So the quarters got saluted Elementally.Posted by Picasa

(picture) center offerings, over gravel

On top of the gravel, we placed all the dried flowers from the garden (roses, iris, cactus, and various others) and then poured more spring water and rum. I had nothing to cut myself with for blood itza, so I swirled a mouthful of rum and spit it out. So did Will. We also gave rum and water and tobacco to the trees.Posted by Picasa

(picture) center offerings, under the gravel

We dug a hole in the gravel around the center post and put in all the offerings people gave us. THANK YOU, btw, if you donated something. The Circle and its trees thank you too.
Included were a double handful of loose crystals, several amulets of protection (the bags), a Reiki candle (on fire), a charcoal tab burning sweet white copal and success incense, loose copal, loose kinnick-kinnick (Native tobacco), loose cherry tobacco, a feathered protection amulet, candle wax, spring water, Carribean rum & various other small things that were donated.
Posted by Picasa

(picture) Circle's gravel layer

This is the gravel layer of the Circle. It's figure-8 shaped because we had to leave the big tree roots attached so the lovely friendly trees wouldn't fall down. Posted by Picasa

(picture) the Circle with its new earth bank

Will has decided to level the circle & put an earth bank around it. So part of the "mound" around the edge is not just from digging, it's from "mounding". There's several inches of grey gravel in the hole now, for drainage, to keep the sand from getting sopping when it rains.
Posted by Picasa


Oh, and as I was thinking my Tzolkin thoughts this morning at dawn, my lungs and throat started to gurgle. Welcome back to the land of bronchitis. I had it last year from August to November. I am calling the doctor TODAY as soon as the office opens; I am NOT coughing and wheezing for 3 months again.

new calendar thoughts

As I was lying in bed this morning watching the sun come up, I had some more epiphanies about the Tzolkin.
I am now going to call the Portal days, instead of "Sowing" and "Reaping" "Manifestion" and "Intention" days.
The Burner days are still burner days; that is original and authentic.
The Central/Core days I am now calling "Reflection" days--reflect on what you manifested in the 1st half and what you want to manifest in the 2nd half of the Tzolkin.
The quarters (every 52 days) are "Attention" days--are you on track?
I am going to have to revise Jaguar Nights with these changes. Gives me something to do.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Circle Update & pagan wedding

This weekend Will finished digging it out. Today I am supposed to go get gravel for the next layer, and sand too if I have time and my back holds out. I will take some pictures.

I've been sick since last week. See no evil (eye sty), hear no evil (double ear infection) and speak no evil (sore throat, laryngitis). I sound like a frog with its testicles removed. Cute. No, really, people keep saying how cute I sound.

My friends' pagan wedding on Saturday was beautiful. Ladyhawke did the ceremony outside in a gazebo at a castle, and the reception was inside the castle. We were seated in no-man's land, the absolute worse table--we didn't even have the same chairs as everyone else! Next to the garbage too. Oh well. I couldn't talk much. My food had rosemary on it so I didn't eat. I haven't had much appetite since I'm so sick--I've just been doing tourist eating (eating cuz it's there and I won't be able to have it again if I don't eat it NOW). Our friends went to England for their honeymoon--a tour of England, Scotland and Wales. What a time to fly to London!

I am overwhelmed with cake for my birthday. By next weekend I will be sick of cake--only once a year can I say that.

Happy 1 Ahau 1 Ahau 18 Tzec

Hello, and welcome to day 40 of this Tzolkin cycle.

Ahau is the highest and best, and this is the beginning of the Ahau journey. It's a day to make some baby steps towards being all that you can be, even if that means joining the army.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Happy 13 Cauac (portal/manifestation day) 13 Cauac 17 Tzec

Yippee a portal day. I've decided to call these "manifestation" days. Seems more intuitive. It's not really like a portal opens; it's just a thinning of the veil.

It's the ULTIMATE Cauac day (I feel like a commercial for some monster truck rally--it's the ULTIMATE in CA-WAK, Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! cuz it IS Sunday!). Cauac, as we all know by now, is about rainstorms of energy, blessings from above. It's Reiki and all those types of energy. A day to be blessed, be healed, be happy, be loved. It's always coming down on you. Can you feel it?

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Happy 12 Etznab 12 Etznab 6 Tzec

Etznab is balance, fairness, energy exchange, and the idea of sacrifice--giving up something so you can get something in its place. Want a new pair of shoes? Throw away at least one old pair to make room. Sacrifice.
If you want your life to be filled with new things, new ideas, new people, you must first get rid of your old ideas, old things and old people. (Not senior citizens, but people who don't serve your greater good anymore).
On a 12 day like this, it's better to do these things voluntarily than have them done TO you.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Happy 11 Caban and Happy Birthday to me! 11 Caban 15 Tzec

11 Earthquake/incense. One of my friends' mayan birthdays is 13 Caban so we spent a while the other night talking about what that means to her--you'll have to wait 80 days for 13 caban to come around and find out!

11 is moderately high energy. Caban is of course prayer, talking directly to the gods (interceding), itza/feeding the gods, and the earthquakes of change. Random things, not total destruction like Cimi.

Happy (Julian) birthday to me! How different would I have been if my birthday was 11 Caban instead of 4 Akbal? We'll never know.
So this is my "year" of 11 Caban. It's something new I want to look at, if people's years have any impact on their lives, by taking the Julian birthday as equiviliant to the 0 Pop day in each person's life (instead of going by the 0 Pop date of that calendar year). Looks like lots of changes, lots of talking to the gods, lots of itza. I'm starting soon by putting all the offerings into the Circle, which is almost ready for its gravel layer (was going to be today, but it's pouring rain again. Hi Tlaloc! Hi Chac Mol!)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

10 Cib and the London bombings

Blowing up a shitload of people is one way to clean the planet. And although the death toll of approximately 40 seems high at first glance, on 9/11 it was 2,792 and the Madrid subway bombing was around 200. The war in Iraq is at over 15,000 Iraqis and who knows how many thousands of Americans and allies.
Meanwhile people keep starving to death in Africa and no one gives a shit. Don't you think the whole G8 thing is now hijacked by the London bombing?
And it's not about feeding the starvingn in Africa--or it shouldn't be. There are TOO MANY FUCKING PEOPLE ON EARTH. Sorry about swearing, but it's true. It's about population control--birth control. Stop having babies you can't afford to feed, especially if you're straving yourself.
Cib cleans.

Happy 10 Cib 10 Cib 14 Tzec

07/07 minor gate today, 1 year till next major gate.

Cib is the vulture, or the collared eagle (Aztec--which from what I understand means vulture). I have already talked about the value of those who clean up. If you need karmic cleansing in your life, you can do the Aztec thing and call Tlazateotl (Filth Eater), or you can do the new age thing and call Archangel Michael and his big blue sword.

For my level-10 Cib-cleansing today, I am having a liver flush. That's two colonics and a coffee enema, spaced about 15 hours apart. Fasting for 1/2 a day before and for the time in between. Drinking salt water. Drinking oil (yuck). But tomorrow morning I will expell a large quantity of stones and nasty bile and be all clean. :) I also made an appointment to have my house scrubbed clean on Monday (not a Cib day, but it counts because I called today, with intent).

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Happy 9 Men & new Moon 9 Men 13 Tzec

Men is the eagle, the seer, the repository of knowledge. I did a reading last night and "men" came up as a blockage, and my first thought was "how can knowledge be a blockage?" but one of the other meanings of Men, to me, is the kind of Trivial Pursuit mind, full of useless facts, or the person whose garage and shed are filled with old broken things "for parts" or "to fix later"--it's all about holding on. It's discernment.
Is all knowledge good? Are all objects valuable? Ah, the rub is ...are they good and valuable FOR YOU?

New Moon, time of beginnings. Go for it. Look at everything you hoard. Is it valuable to you, right now? who cares about the past. A video you used to love and haven't watched for years and will never watch again? Toss it in the goodwill/salvation army bin. Your prom gown? Chuck it-it's out of fashion and you'll never fit into it again even if it was.

I really love doing these daily posts. Amazing how the knowlege is just opening up to me.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Happy 8 Ix 8 Ix 12 Tzec

It's the ultimate Ix day, the celebration day. So many things we can do to celebrate and honor Ix, the Jaguar Shaman. The night sun is the jaguar, so we can do a night ritual and look for his image in the stars. We need to work with natural earth/sky/galactic/cosmic kind of energies, and the elements. Look at the waxing moon. Think about the comet that NASA blew up yesterday. Honor nature by planting a tree, or watering one, or hugging one.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 7 Ben 7 Ben 11 Tzec

Seven Ben, the center of this energy of the seeker. I like calling it "seeker" rather than "skywalker" (too damn star wars for me). Even "Pathfinder" is better--although I drive a Pathfinder, so that's what comes to mind first when I say that.
Ben is the reed, a person who can bend with the winds of change and yet still remain useful. Queztalcoatl was supposedly born on 1 Reed, or in the year 1-Reed if not the actual day 1-Reed.
Yesterday you examined your path. Today is the day to leave the safety of that path and see what's over the hill, behind the rock, in that copse of trees, just around the corner. Be the first! Tread on virgin ground. And then, having learned from your journey, teach others how to find that courage within themselves to move away from the trail.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Happy 6 Eb 6 Eb 10 Tzec

Eb is the road, and the grass beside it. I see it as life's journey (or even the soul's journey) and the karma that holds us back.

Six is a good day to examine where you are on the road. Is it where you want to be? If not, how can you get there? What sticky strands of aka/karma/guilt/obligation are keeping you from getting to somewhere else? Or maybe you're a lucky person, aka-cord free and charging ahead. Good for you! Keep doin' what you're doin'!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Circle update

Working on the circle again this weekend. It's hot. I haven't taken any pictures, nothing very exciting, just a hole in the ground. When it's all excavated I'll take some more, showing the amazing network of roots which is underneath.
I collected all the spent flowers from my cacti, from my purple and blue iris and from my rose bushes, all for burying. A friend of mine brought over a bag of candle wax from her ritual candles. Someone else offered something (didn't tell me what) and then never answered my e-mail. Oh well.
Next week hopefully I'll be able to get the gravel (probably on Friday-my birthday!), and then we'll put the sand down, and have to get more sand (maybe Saturday afternoon--not sure as we have a wedding to go to that night: one of my friends is marrying one of my husband's friends, isn't that great?).
The goal was to finish by my birthday, but it's been either too hot, or pouring rain, or other commitments after work.

Happy 5 Chuen 5 Chuen 9 Tzec

Chuen-monkey, artist, trickster, playful, out-of-the-ordinary. Since this is July 4th weekend, a major holiday here in the U.S. I'd guess we're going for playful today. I've been spending a lot of time in my friend's pool and I'd guess I'm going to be playful in there again today. It's only a 5 so I don't anticipate any kind of amazing never-seen-before fun, but you never know.

My husband's a Chuen, and he'll be in the pool with me, so maybe it will be more fun than I anticipate!

Friday, July 01, 2005

also burner day!

4 Oc is also a burner day. Societal happenings and/or events which effect large numbers of people.

Happy 4 Oc 4 Oc 8 Tzec

Hello Doggie! It's not quite the "dog days" of summer (what the hell does that mean, anyway? I know it's in August when it gets really hot) but it is pretty warm out.

Oc is the dog, loyalty, spirit guides, guardian angels. We've already talked about how Manik is a type of human angel--these are the spirit angels. But it's possible if you've taken on the contract of being a human angel, something could happen today....yes, it just might....or if you need a human angel, one will come to you.