Thursday, July 07, 2005

Happy 10 Cib 10 Cib 14 Tzec

07/07 minor gate today, 1 year till next major gate.

Cib is the vulture, or the collared eagle (Aztec--which from what I understand means vulture). I have already talked about the value of those who clean up. If you need karmic cleansing in your life, you can do the Aztec thing and call Tlazateotl (Filth Eater), or you can do the new age thing and call Archangel Michael and his big blue sword.

For my level-10 Cib-cleansing today, I am having a liver flush. That's two colonics and a coffee enema, spaced about 15 hours apart. Fasting for 1/2 a day before and for the time in between. Drinking salt water. Drinking oil (yuck). But tomorrow morning I will expell a large quantity of stones and nasty bile and be all clean. :) I also made an appointment to have my house scrubbed clean on Monday (not a Cib day, but it counts because I called today, with intent).

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