Monday, July 11, 2005

Circle Update & pagan wedding

This weekend Will finished digging it out. Today I am supposed to go get gravel for the next layer, and sand too if I have time and my back holds out. I will take some pictures.

I've been sick since last week. See no evil (eye sty), hear no evil (double ear infection) and speak no evil (sore throat, laryngitis). I sound like a frog with its testicles removed. Cute. No, really, people keep saying how cute I sound.

My friends' pagan wedding on Saturday was beautiful. Ladyhawke did the ceremony outside in a gazebo at a castle, and the reception was inside the castle. We were seated in no-man's land, the absolute worse table--we didn't even have the same chairs as everyone else! Next to the garbage too. Oh well. I couldn't talk much. My food had rosemary on it so I didn't eat. I haven't had much appetite since I'm so sick--I've just been doing tourist eating (eating cuz it's there and I won't be able to have it again if I don't eat it NOW). Our friends went to England for their honeymoon--a tour of England, Scotland and Wales. What a time to fly to London!

I am overwhelmed with cake for my birthday. By next weekend I will be sick of cake--only once a year can I say that.

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