Saturday, July 25, 2009

green burials

I hate modern death rituals.  I hate the waste of space of cemeteries, the overpriced and unnecessary accouterments of death, the fact that when you get buried, you don't decay--you grow mold and just sit there.  My grandpa died in 1987 and I know he is still there in his coffin, covered with mold and yuck, not nicely reduced to bones (or less) by nature.  Thinking of him like that--moldy--makes me want to cry.
That's one of the reasons why I pushed so hard to have my dad cremated.  All my pets have been cremated (their ashes are on my "pet cemetery shelf") and I want to be cremated too.  Me and all the pets who have gone before are going to get turned into an artificial reef.
I was browsing earlier and on the front page they had a link to an article about green burials.  I clicked on it, thinking to read about cardboard coffins and parklike cemeteries, but instead it was mostly about the reefs. And biodegradable coffins.
Even if you aren't anywhere near dying, consider doing a non-traditional burial.  Maybe by the time you do die, the non-traditional will be traditional.  We can only hope.
Green burials
(Picture source: Eternal Reefs)
(screenprint of original article) 13 Xul 7 Men

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Mayan crop circle found in England

A supposed Mayan apocalypse crop circle was found this week in England. A picture of it from the original article is above. How exactly this shape predicts the end of the world, I don't know. I am so sick of all these people who wouldn't know the Mayan calendar if it bit them on the ass talking about it. A supposed crop circle expert gushes: "This is one of the most interesting crop circles I have ever seen. It is definitely a Mayan symbol and we are sure it is linked to the Mayan calendar, which ends in 2012. It appears to be a warning about the world coming to an end when the calendar does. For the ancient Maya, reaching the end of a cycle was a momentous event, so we are taking this crop circle very seriously as an indicator of a possibly huge event in 2012."
Show me where ANY of that is on that crop circle. The Pi one, well, I might not exactly understand how it shows Pi, but I can see that it shows some sort of math thing.(Ironically, the Pi circle was found just about a year ago and not far from where this Mayan one is.)
Mayan crop circle
Screenprint of original article

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

happy 04:05:06 07/08/09 (and happy birthday to me)

Numerology can be fun.  Even more fun when, for once, one's birthday is part of a cool number combination.  I had always wished I was born a day earlier (7/7) but this works too, just for today.