Friday, September 30, 2005

4 Imix (Reflection) 4 Imix 19 Chen

We've now entered 20 days of reflection & intropsection, of living in the Now. Maybe what you manifested during that recent streak of portals isn't really what you wanted? Never fear, for there' are 26 more portal days, Intention days, when you set your intent for manifestation, coming up on the other side of these Reflection days.

4 Imix is a day to be grounded to the Earth Mother, to think about how your life impacts the Earth, and how the smallest Earth changes (butterfly theory) impact yours. Or large changes--think of the recent 2 hurricanes and how they impacted gas prices, which impacts spending on other levels.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

3 Ahau burner 3 Ahau 18 Chen

Oh happy burner day! It's also the last day before the central spine of the Tzolkin, those 20 days of reflection/introspection.

Ahau is of course the Lord Flower, the highest & best one can aspire to. And 3 is a mild number, slightly off balance. Maybe you need to push yourself just a little, for a small goal. Not to lose 100 lbs but to lose 10 lbs. Or 10% of your body weight. (If you lose 10% each time, it becomes easier and easier. If you start out at 250, you need to lose 25 lbs. When you get to 225, you only need to lose 22 lbs. When you get to 203, you only need to lose 20 lbs. See? It's all relative.)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

2 Cauac & 9/11 2 Cauac 17 Chen

Ah, 2 Cauac-gentle rain. Supposed to be blessings and gifts from above, but today it's just making me feel sad. For some reason on the way to work I was thinking about 9/11. I guess I'll tell my story of "where I was" since for whatever reason it's right at the front of my mind today.

I was at work, in my cube, when one of the engineers came by to say a plane had hit the World Trade Center. It was right around 9:00 a.m. We just all thought it was a terrible accident. I remember trying to log onto or any news site and not being able to due to high traffic, and finally installing AOL against all company rules and using their news, only to find that a 2nd plane had hit and then it was clear that this was not an accident, it was an attack. I don't remember how much later we heard about the other 2 planes. I know by 10:30 the whole company (over 100 people) was in the cafeteria. The security officer had dragged in a TV and everyone watched the first tower fall live on TV. My boss, a big burly guy, was crying. It was awful. I went back to my cube and was emailing my vendors. One of the vendors, in Massachusetts, had another branch in Long Island and the people in LI were in their parking lot watching the towers burn. I don't remember the rest of the day at work. I know nobody did any work. Our vendors weren't working and neither were our customers. A lot of people just went home. It was a Tuesday, which was when my husband gamed (played AD&D) with his friends out in the garage. I sat inside, glued to CNN, watching that damn plane hit the tower over and over, watching the footage of people jumping from the windows so they didn't burn to death, watching the towers fall, watching the Pentagon burn, until I had worked myself into hysterics. I was making dream catchers and I looked down at them and said "I can't sell these, what kind of energy am I putting into them?" That was when I became a addict (I still go there at least once a day).

I did not watch any of the shows that were on a few weeks ago. I feel like it's too soon. I didn't know anyone who died there (but I know people who knew people) and I still feel it's too soon. I know the media swore they would never show that horrible footage again, and I know that's a lie. I never want to see it again. I can't imagine how those people who lost family members must feel. I read an interview with a girl whose father died in the towers, and she said watching the plane hit the towers for her was seeing her father die over and over on TV and that she couldn't read anything, couldn't watch TV, without seeing her dad die.

What a depressing post. I'm sorry. But I needed to get it out of me.

The big question isn't, did Bin Laden do this? or did Saddam Hussien do this? But does it give us the right to go to Iraq and kill people? Aren't we sinking to their level? Aren't we proving their point on how horrible America is, and how we think we're the greatest?

I guess I got to this point because I was thinking how you never know when it's the last time you'll see someone. A good friend of mine has a husband in the Army and she's pretty sure that after he gets elevated to Major next year he's getting deployed, and she has no idea where she'll be living when that happens. I saw her in August, but I might never see her again--his next post probably won't be within easy driving distance. I hate that we have to be the world police.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

1 Etznab 1 Etznab 16 Chen

Back down to the lovely number 1. And what should we start today? Etznab (flint knife) is about balance, and sacrifice, and energy exchange. (After all, isn't that what a sacrifice is about? Energy exchange.) We should look to be fair in our dealings with others and make sure we are compensated for what we do. Ask for a raise (I should take my own advice!). Say no to babysitting others' kids for free. You know what you need to do.

Monday, September 26, 2005

13 Caban 13 Caban 15 Chen

13 Caban-the ultimate shake-em-up day. And it's my PT2 (Physical therapist/personal trainer)'s Mayan birthday today. She has certainly shaken ME up. That's her role in the world.
Do you pray? Pray your ass off today. (Does that work? Oh, Feathered Serpent, who I adore, I thank you for all your blessings, and I request that you make my ass smaller. In return I will burn copal for you to enjoy.)
okay, my butt's the same size. That didn't work, did it? Maybe it's a delayed reaction.
If you don't pray, then be a human angel and touch someone else's life in positive way to affect a change.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

12 Cib 12 Cib 14 Chen

Manifestation days are over! And Cib arrives, right on time to clean up those things you manifested that you didn't really think through. "May you get everything you ask for, and everything you deserve." Could be curse or a blessing--how do YOU take it?
12 Cib, a good day for cleaning. People in the areas hit by the hurricanes need your unwanted stuff. Clean out your closets and make a Salvation Army or Goodwill run. You'll feel better.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

11 Men Manifestation/burner 11 Men 13 Chen manifestation portal/burner

This is it, the last manifestation portal of this half of this Tzolkin. Not that you can't expect anything to come to you for the next 140 days...just that there won't be scheduled times to expect things! And it's also a burner day--oh, another hurricane hitting? Imagine that.

My friend in Houston thankfully came through Rita safely. He wasn't able to evacuate due to lack of gas. His wife is due with their 3d son in 6 weeks and I'm sure trying to evacuate with a heavily pregnant woman, two toddlers and assorted cats would have been a nightmare. He called me as soon as his power came back on--they were fine, their house is fine, everything's fine, except there's still no gas in Houston. Nice.

What can you expect to manifest today? Wisdom. Discernment. (The two hallmarks of Men). 11 is also a master number, so mastery of discernment might be something to look for.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Happy 10 Ix & Manifestation Portal 10 Ix 12 Chen

10 Ix: high energy from natural forces--hmm, and what's going on? A hurricane, a smash-em-up good-time old-fashioned howler who even has an old-fashioned name: Rita.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Happy 9 Ben Manifestation Portal & fall Equinox 9 Ben 11 Chen

Tonight's the fall equinox, the time when day and night are in balance, and so should we too be in balance (moderation) in all things.

9 Ben tells us we should try new things and teach others about our successes and failures.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Happy 8 Eb Manifestation Portal 8 Eb 10 Chen

It's the celebration day for Eb--the path, the road, karmic ties. And what path are we all focused on right now? Rita, the makes-Katrina-look-like-kids-playing-in-a-puddle storm, heading toward Texas and brushing by poor sodden NOLA.

Why is it that only pagans can see how pissed off Mother Earth is at us? The Christian Conservatives blame homosexuality. No, Mother Earth LOVES homosexuality. Homosexuals don't reproduce. It's not homosexuals who are overpopulating the world. It's Christian conservatives who don't believe in birth control of any sort, or abortion, or even the morning-after pill for rape victims. They are all about reproduction--more people, more to carry on their agenda, who cares if there's too many people here already, and not enough land or food or clean water for everyone, just pump out more kids.

It makes me sick. If I was Mother Earth I'd be shaking even harder than she is.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Happy 7 Chuen (Manifestation portal) 7 Chuen 9 Chen

Lat night I did a fall equinox ritual, and several people complimented me on my recent article in The Door Opener, which is a local new-age publication. That was nice to hear. I keep forgetting it's in there!

Today's 7 Monkey. (Aside: I recently did my Chinese Horoscope for year, month, day, hour and minute, and I was monkey in all but 1, where I was cat/rabbit. I think it was hour. I thought I was making a mistake so I did a couple more for other people, and I was doing it right. I am a freak, I guess. ) So I really want to celebrate that monkey energy today, even though the "official" monkey celebration day (8 Monkey) isn't for 40 days. Monkeys are of course, all about creavity and pranks and silliness, and inner child stuff. It's raining. I want to play in puddles.

Monday, September 19, 2005

6 Oc Manifestation Portal 6 Oc 8 Chen

20 days from center of Tzolkin!

The story Gary Jennings tells in Aztec about dogs and the underworld is very interesting. He says not to pick a white dog: a white won't help you because it won't want to get dirty. And don't pick a black dog: a black dog is wiling to help, but you'll lose it in the dark. Pick a medium-colored dog (jacinth, he calls it), a red-gold dog (I always think of my ex-boyfriend's chow), which won't mind gettting dirty and won't get lost in the blackness.

And here we are in a dog day, fast approaching the center, and in the center of these manifestation days. Are you a vain white dog who won't help? Or a helpful black dog who gets lost in the confusion? Or are you the not-as-pretty medium dog, the all-purpose dog?

What do you want to be?

Sunday, September 18, 2005

5 Muluc (Manifestation Portal) 5 Muluc 7 Chen

Muluc-water, rain, the moon, and emotions, especially trust. At level 5, we're starting to gain energy, feel better. But when our emotions start running high, that's not always a good thing. Look for what gets stirred to the surface--look at what floats by the window and then sinks again. Do you really want it there, cluttering up your mind?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Happy 4 Lamat (manifestation portal) 4 Lamat 6 Chen

Okay, we're getting deep into this long string of manifestation days. Are you feeling the love? Or did you not properly prepare during the last days of the last Tzolkin for what you would recieve now? It's also Mabon (Fall Equinox) which is all about harvest & gratitude, a perfect time to be in this energy.

Lamat--astrology, Venus, Quetzalcoatl, selfish, self-indulgence. Get a mini-reading, or practice with your friends. Treat yourself to something little & fun--a manicure, a haircut, a delicious meal. Whatever makes you feel loved.

4: low energy, but with its own form of balance. Probably safe today to be indulgent with no chance of going overboard.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Happy 3 Manik (manifestation portal) 3 Manik 5 Chen

Manik, the spirit of cooperation. That comes from both the deer (Aztec) and the hand (Mayan)--the hand extended to help, or to grab, or to manipulate. Today is low energy, only 3, doesn't feel like manipulation to me.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Happy 2 Cimi (manifestation portal) 2 Cimi 4 Chen

The first day in a string of manifestation portals. These are the LAST manifestation days of this Tzolkin so grab everything you can! The next portal days (after this glut) will be intention days.

And, ironically, this morning it rained after something like 12 days without rain here. I was in bed, thinking that I never did water our new grass seed yesterday (it's just starting to sprout like little baby green hair) and feeling faintly guilty, and the sky opened up and rain came pouring down (and of course my sunroof was open). Rain represents energy, and blessings from the gods, and I take that as a good sign on this first in a string of manifestation portal days.

And we can't neglect Cimi just because it's only a two. Cimi is changing from one state to another--a dry landscape to a wet one, for instance. A two Cimi means a minor change, or even a resistance to change.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Happy 1 Chicchan 1 Chicchan 3 Chen

The little baby One Snake comes creeping into our lives...
One of course makes us all want to start all kinds of things. Today would be a good day to start some kind of physical energy work program--yoga, ti chi, chi gung (pick a spelling). Something that moves your body AND your energy.

Chicchan is of course the little ball of energy sleeping in our spines (unless he's already awoken and roared up your back into your brain, making the world shiny and new). Chicchan is also the first and second chakras, sexual energy, creative energy. So go for it!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Happy 13 Kan 13 Kan 2 Chen

Are we at 13 again already? Seems like just yesterday...anyway....we're in that lovely Lizard energy today, maxed out. Lizards, sly sexuality, planting seeds, the Muse. Definately a great day to be inspired, but the problem may be that you become so inspired by so many thing that you can't pick just one!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Happ 12 Akbal 12 Akbal 1 Chen

Yay Akbal! Love to be back in my native energy again, even if it's just for a day. And after Katrina and the waves (reference to obscure 80's band, for those who missed it) and all the 9/11 hype this weekend, we all need a lovely snuggly coccoon to crawl into and just BE.

Friends of mine are at a 10 day silent meditation retreat. For 10 days, no talking, no reading, no writing, no email/internet/phone, no moving during the day, only the sparest of vegatarian meals. The ultimate Akbal coccoon (if only it was dark too). I couldn't do it. I need to talk and write and I need to MOVE.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Happy 11 Ik & Welcome Chen 11 Ik 0 Chen

I have a list at work of what each month means, and of course I'm posting from home. Oh well.

11 Ik-Wind, grounding, breath of the divine, tree of life, communication. It's one of the most complex daysigns. And it's interesting that it's the anniversary of 9/11 and the first year there were shows about it (too soon, IMHO, but I think it happened this way because it's a Sunday). A lot of shows, on a lot of networks, juxtaposed with relief efforts for Katrina. I'd say this is a communication day. People are NOT grounded, and if God is speaking through anyone those people aren't passing it on.

I got an email today, as part of a Yahoo group, which said that Army engineers have found traces of black powder on the levies and that they were blown up. The sources were all "anonymous" the same idiots who say our government hijacked those planes on 9/11 and blew up the WTC towers on purpose. Must we use our communication skills to spread FEAR?

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Happy 10 Imix 10 Imix 19 Mol

10 Imix...according to one person's interpertation of the Tzolkin, my birthday falls on 10 Imix. (It doesn't; that person is a crackpot. And no, I won't say who it is.) Imix is Mother Earth, her nurturing, loving energy, and also her rage and hatred of us, who are parasites on her body and most of whom don't acknowledge her or care. Harsh, yes, but true. As much as disasters like Katrina break my heart, I know they are just Gaia swatting her tail at some annoying flies.

The higher energy days of Imix don't seem to be the loving ones. They seem to be the angry ones.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Happy 9 Ahau 9 Ahau 18 Mol

Good morning, and welcome to day 100 of this Tzolkin. We're not quite halfway through, but it's certainly flying by, isn't it?

Ahau, the lord flower, the highest & best, the ultimate that you can achieve, and at a slightly high level of 9...a good day to push yourself, to go just a little farther than you thought you could, to do a little better, to try a little harder.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Happy 8 Cauac 8 Cauac 17 Mol

Cauac-rainstorms, blessings from above. I need some blessings today, so let that rain fall on me! No rain is actually scheduled (in my area at least), so we can only hope for the blessing part, right?
It's also an 8 day, a day of celebrating. How can we celebrate Cauac? I have a rain stick, I could spend some time in meditation with its cool smooth sound. Or sit under a sprinkler set to simulate rain falling. (A little cold for that here, but could be nice in other areas.) I could shower blessings on other people. Every person I see today, I could send away with some kind of benediction--not like I'm the Pope (haha--even if I wasn't a pagan female, can you see them electing an AMERICAN pope? Are there even any American cardinals?)--not saying it out loud or putting a cross on people's foreheads, just thinking good thoughts at them. If you're a Reiki person, use the mental/emotional sign and send it on its way with some lovely affirmations.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Happy 7 Etznab 7 Etznab 16 Mol

Etznab is the hall of mirrors, the edge of the knife, sacrifice, energy exchange, and balance. Since today's a seven day of balance, to me that signifies balance and fairness in all things. Give others what they deserve and look to earn what you deserve.

fish dream

So, probably based on the long amount of time I spent staring at bowls and bowls of bettas, I had a fish dream. In the dream I had 3 tanks, I think 10 gallon ones, lined up on the floor, and all 3 were filled with baby bettas which looked kinda like fancy guppies (at least in size). So many baby bettas that they were jumping out of the tanks, probably a hundred in each tank or more. Also I found mixed in with the baby bettas some cichlids and a fresh water seahorse (is there such a thing?). Of course the nasty cichlids (carnivorous, mean rotten fish--I got bit by one once when I worked at a pet store) were eating the baby bettas so even though I had too many bettas I isolated the cichlids (and that's when I found the seahorse). For some reason I decided that Betta Boy III had had a mouthful of eggs and he spewed them out when I got him home. (I have no idea if betta males even hold eggs in their mouths. I know they build bubble nests.) I was thinking about how many betta bowls I'd have to buy and wondering if the pet store would buy any of the babies.

There was more in the dream, about a fire, and a house (house was not on fire--some kind of gypsy wagon type thing was), and someone famous but I can't remember who, and seeing a guy who I was in a play with in high school in a movie. He looked like the famous person; it was a mistaken identity scene. Or maybe it wasn't a movie, maybe I was watching the filming. That part is all confused. Maybe it was a different dream. I don't think I was actually in that one, not sure.

new fish

I got a new betta, a red one since we've had bad luck with purple and blue ones. Stupid, I know. He is very small. I hope that means he's a baby and will get bigger. He's like half the size of Betta Boy II. I also picked up a couple more albino corydoras. I was talking to the guy who was waiting patiently for me a to pick a betta (they are all so pretty! Why won't they get along? Imagine a 55 gallon tank filled with bettas!) about the problem I have with my corys getting fin rot and having their tails fall off. He showed me some different medicine although he said the medicine I have should work.
So I get home, put the two bags into the tank to float and go about my business. I come back in, notice for the first time the miniature size of Betta Boy III, and then notice that one of the corys is ALREADY missing his tail. Now I know gas is $3.50 a gallon and the fish were buy one get one free but it's the POINT. I drove back up there and got a new fish.
I also picked up something to put into the tank, some kind of good bacteria, that's supposed to lesson the shock to the tank of putting in new fish and also for water changes. (Did one of those yesterday too.)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Happy 6 Caban 6 Caban 15 Mol

Caban-earthquakes, incense. Yesterday my grandmother actually came over (I know! Unbelievable.) and we were all talking about Katrina (my parents were over too) and she said that her mother said that this world would end in fire. I told her earthquakes, but what do I know, I'm a pagan.

So in 2001 FEMA supposedly put out a report saying the 3 things that would strain them the most. Those things were: a terrorist attack in NYC, the levee breaking and flooding NOLA, and a major earthquake in LA. My brother-in-law just moved to LA and I made a joke to my husband that he should move back home. I can't help but think about earthquakes today. It's like a triad isn't it? Even if you look at the locations on a map. I do so love things to be neatly tied up. Not that I want an earthquake to happen...but then again there's still too many people on this earth. Why can't people stop procreating?! I wish that everyone was born sterile and you'd have to get an operation to get pregnant instead of the other way around. So many unwanted babies, so many people straining the earth's resources. A good friend of mine says that humans are going to dumb themselves into oblivian in a few generations, because the intelligent people (like me) chose NOT to procreate and the stupid people have tons of kids because they just don't care.

another loss :(

Our (new) betta died yesterday. He had been getting fat, but his behavior hadn't changed, so I didn't think anything was wrong with him. I just cut down on his food a little. Sunday night my husband was looking at him and said that he looked kinda gray, and he did. So I went online and looked up the page on betta diseases, and it turns out he had a fatal, genetic disease called dropsy. I put him in a salted tank to make him more comfortable but he died the next day. I gave him a little funeral and buried him with all my other fish in the sacred cactus in the Circle.

He was a really cool fish. And I never even took a picture of him. :(

Monday, September 05, 2005

Happy 5 Cib Manifestation day 5 Cib 14 Mol

Another manifestation portal! They are just all over the place, huh? What can we manifest through Cib, the vulture, the karmic cleanser? Well, we can clean up our environment. Yesterday I suggested you clean out your closets and pantry for donation. Did you? I know you didn't. Go do that today. (And no, I haven't done it either, but I did buy 3 bags of baby food and soup and stuff at Walmart yesterday and drop them at the Lions Club truck.)

Five energy is getting up there. There's enough energy today that you should be able to get off the couch and do something. I know it's a holiday and it's probably hot out where you are, but still, think of how hot it is down South, and they have lost everything. And when's the last time you wore those pants? Give them up.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Happy 4 Men/Burner 4 Men 13 Mol

Burner day! Seems like it's been so long since we had one. Don't have to look too far to see what this one influenced; just look at Mississippi and Louisana.

Men, is of course the Eagle of Knowledge, the trivial-pursuit mind, the Akashic records. Four is a good solid day, not a lot of energy, but things can still happen. A good day to use all that burner energy to search your own akashic records and see how your past influences your present.

Also a good day to go through your closets and pantry and donate unwanted items to Katrina's victims.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Happy 3 Ix 3 Ix 12 Mol

Ah, lovely Ix, the jaguar shaman. I just love Ix days. There's always that sense that everything I want and need (and things I don't even know about) are hovering right there, just beyond the edge of my grasp, and if I could just extend myself the right way, I'd be able to grab them. Perhaps it goes back to yesterday's pathfinder/flexiblity thing--maybe that's what that manifestation portal opened--a possibility of change.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Happy 2 Ben manifestation day 2 Ben 11 Mol

Ben is the reed and the pathfinder, and two is a lovely little quiet number; you'd say "nothing much is going on here" but you'd be wrong, because it's a manifestation day. So what can we manifest through the lens of Gentle Ben #2?

Well, the reed is flexibility (also always makes me think of snorkeling & cartoons where characters hid underwater breathing through reeds) and the pathfinder is also flexible (to go where no one has gone before) so I'd say what would come through today will be tempered strongly by those things. It will be something you haven't done before; maybe no one has. And it won't be difficult (the 2) but it won't be easy either.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

dragon pictures from Tibet

These are probably bogus and I'll be eating my words in a few days, but here's the link to the original story and here's the story reproduced for when the link dies, along with both pictures. One picture appears to be an enlargement of the bottom left corner of the other.

Dragons in the Tibet Sky
The Epoch Times
Aug 07, 2005

Above the Himalayas. ( (note: link is to a chinese-language site)

A photo of two peculiar dragon-shaped objects taken from a plane flying over Tibet’s Himalayas piqued many users’ interest when displayed on a Chinese website. The photographer is an amateur.

On June 22, 2004, the photographer went to Tibet’s Amdo region to attend the Qinghai-to-Xizang Railroad laying ceremony, and then took a plane from Lhasa to fly back inland. When flying over the Himalayas, he accidentally caught these two "dragons" in a picture that he took. He called these two objects "the Tibet dragons."

Looking at the photo, these two objects appear to have the characteristics of crawling creatures: The bodies seem to be covered by scales, the backs have spine-like protuberances, and also they have gradually thinning rear ends. Although the photo caught only a portion of the entire scene, it was sufficient to create the appearance of two gigantic dragons flying in the clouds.

This photo, shown on some websites such as and other forums, aroused the website visitors’ curiosity. One person commented, “No wonder that China is the homeland of the dragon! Nature is truly mysterious and powerful, it can always produce spectacular sights beyond people's expectations.”

“Is it really true? Is it possible there is an ancient civilization that we don’t know about preserved in places that are sparsely populated?”

“It really looks like the dragons in fables, and I really hope it is.”

Certainly, most website visitors hoped that someone could confirm the authenticity of the dragons in the photo.

In Chinese fairy tales, the dragon is a kind of rare heavenly creature. Fables say that it can conceal or reveal itself. It ascends to heaven in the spring breeze and dives and hides in deep water in the autumn wind. It can promote clouds and bring about rain. It also became the symbol of imperial authority later on; all emperors of previous dynasties self-designated as dragons, utensils were also decorated with dragons.

Culturally, the dragon is the Chinese ancestors' totem. Nearly all races in China had fables and stories with dragons as the main subject, such as dragon boat races, the dragon lantern dance to celebrate holidays, sacrificial offerings to the dragons to implore timely wind and rain for good crops.

Whether this kind of creature really exists is still an unsolved riddle. In the previous dynasties in China, there had been many documents recording eyewitness accounts of magical dragons. The most amazing events are the various "falling dragons," dragons that suddenly fell to the ground under peculiar circumstances, and were witnessed by many. A relatively recent tale occurred in the puppet Manchuria regime in August, 1944. A black dragon fell to the ground at the Chen Family’s Weizi Village, about 9.4 miles northwest of Zhaoyuan County, on the south shore of the Mudan River (the old name of a section of Songhua River) in Heilongjiang province. The black dragon was on the verge of death. The eyewitness said that this creature had a horn on its head, scales covering its body, and had a strong fishy smell that attracted numerous flies.

The records from previous dynasties also mentioned the connection between the emergence of these kinds of mysterious creatures, “dragons,” and the transition of dynasties on earth. The appearance of Tibet’s magical dragon invites our curiosity and imagination.

Happy 1 Eb 1 Eb 10 Mol

Ah, a sigh of relief as the ramped up energies of yesterday drain away into a lovely, soothing one. I always seen One days as days to just do nothing, to veg out, and let your mind & body relax from the increasing activity of the last few days.

Eb is the grass, the road, karmic ties. With nothing else going on, you might feel the slight tugs of your past and present as you move into the future. Is your karma a coccoon from which the new butterfly-like you will emerge soon? Or is it bondage, holding you back? You decide.