Thursday, September 15, 2005

Happy 2 Cimi (manifestation portal) 2 Cimi 4 Chen

The first day in a string of manifestation portals. These are the LAST manifestation days of this Tzolkin so grab everything you can! The next portal days (after this glut) will be intention days.

And, ironically, this morning it rained after something like 12 days without rain here. I was in bed, thinking that I never did water our new grass seed yesterday (it's just starting to sprout like little baby green hair) and feeling faintly guilty, and the sky opened up and rain came pouring down (and of course my sunroof was open). Rain represents energy, and blessings from the gods, and I take that as a good sign on this first in a string of manifestation portal days.

And we can't neglect Cimi just because it's only a two. Cimi is changing from one state to another--a dry landscape to a wet one, for instance. A two Cimi means a minor change, or even a resistance to change.

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