Sunday, September 11, 2005

Happy 11 Ik & Welcome Chen 11 Ik 0 Chen

I have a list at work of what each month means, and of course I'm posting from home. Oh well.

11 Ik-Wind, grounding, breath of the divine, tree of life, communication. It's one of the most complex daysigns. And it's interesting that it's the anniversary of 9/11 and the first year there were shows about it (too soon, IMHO, but I think it happened this way because it's a Sunday). A lot of shows, on a lot of networks, juxtaposed with relief efforts for Katrina. I'd say this is a communication day. People are NOT grounded, and if God is speaking through anyone those people aren't passing it on.

I got an email today, as part of a Yahoo group, which said that Army engineers have found traces of black powder on the levies and that they were blown up. The sources were all "anonymous" the same idiots who say our government hijacked those planes on 9/11 and blew up the WTC towers on purpose. Must we use our communication skills to spread FEAR?

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