Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Happy 6 Caban 6 Caban 15 Mol

Caban-earthquakes, incense. Yesterday my grandmother actually came over (I know! Unbelievable.) and we were all talking about Katrina (my parents were over too) and she said that her mother said that this world would end in fire. I told her earthquakes, but what do I know, I'm a pagan.

So in 2001 FEMA supposedly put out a report saying the 3 things that would strain them the most. Those things were: a terrorist attack in NYC, the levee breaking and flooding NOLA, and a major earthquake in LA. My brother-in-law just moved to LA and I made a joke to my husband that he should move back home. I can't help but think about earthquakes today. It's like a triad isn't it? Even if you look at the locations on a map. I do so love things to be neatly tied up. Not that I want an earthquake to happen...but then again there's still too many people on this earth. Why can't people stop procreating?! I wish that everyone was born sterile and you'd have to get an operation to get pregnant instead of the other way around. So many unwanted babies, so many people straining the earth's resources. A good friend of mine says that humans are going to dumb themselves into oblivian in a few generations, because the intelligent people (like me) chose NOT to procreate and the stupid people have tons of kids because they just don't care.

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Soulman AKA David in Houston said...

Hi Gevera,

I'm really enjoying Gary Jenning's book 'Aztec'. Nice blog you have going here.