Thursday, September 08, 2005

Happy 8 Cauac 8 Cauac 17 Mol

Cauac-rainstorms, blessings from above. I need some blessings today, so let that rain fall on me! No rain is actually scheduled (in my area at least), so we can only hope for the blessing part, right?
It's also an 8 day, a day of celebrating. How can we celebrate Cauac? I have a rain stick, I could spend some time in meditation with its cool smooth sound. Or sit under a sprinkler set to simulate rain falling. (A little cold for that here, but could be nice in other areas.) I could shower blessings on other people. Every person I see today, I could send away with some kind of benediction--not like I'm the Pope (haha--even if I wasn't a pagan female, can you see them electing an AMERICAN pope? Are there even any American cardinals?)--not saying it out loud or putting a cross on people's foreheads, just thinking good thoughts at them. If you're a Reiki person, use the mental/emotional sign and send it on its way with some lovely affirmations.

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