Monday, September 05, 2005

Happy 5 Cib Manifestation day 5 Cib 14 Mol

Another manifestation portal! They are just all over the place, huh? What can we manifest through Cib, the vulture, the karmic cleanser? Well, we can clean up our environment. Yesterday I suggested you clean out your closets and pantry for donation. Did you? I know you didn't. Go do that today. (And no, I haven't done it either, but I did buy 3 bags of baby food and soup and stuff at Walmart yesterday and drop them at the Lions Club truck.)

Five energy is getting up there. There's enough energy today that you should be able to get off the couch and do something. I know it's a holiday and it's probably hot out where you are, but still, think of how hot it is down South, and they have lost everything. And when's the last time you wore those pants? Give them up.

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