Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jaguar Nights merchandise

My artist Mike has put up two of his designs, both used in Jaguar Nights 2013, as t-shirt designs on Zazzle. 

The shirts are available in a multitude of colors.  The designs are Rabbit in the Moon (I LOVE IT) and Jaguar Warrior.  The rabbit design is probably going to be the back of the Mayan Oracle cards.  You can search Zazzle for "MichaelGiza" (no space) to see all of his work.
In Meso themed work, he also offers Sun God cards, Sun God t-shirts, and the Jaguar Warrior on red greeting cards, turquoise and brown greeting cards, playing cards, and a red notebook.  The Rabbit is also available on a mug. (soon to be mine) The Sun God picture gives you an idea of the style of artwork and color that will be on the Mayan Oracle cards.

Jaguar Nights 2013 in Kindle & print, with screen shots

Jaguar Nights 2013 Mayan-Aztec Calendar is now available in both print and kindle formats.  The Kindle format has color pictures for those using a Kindle Fire or a Kindle app on a smartphone or tablet.  Click the cover or the above link to purchase either version.  Because of the large expense of mailing from Amazon to me and from me to you, I'm only selling books in person, not via mail anymore. 
The print version is in a totally new format, expanded from 64 pages to 110, with more room on each day for writing.  It is one week per 2-page spread; Saturday and Sunday are a bit larger, and there is an informational panel.
 Compared to 2008,2009, 2011, and 2012, which had 2 weeks per 2 page spread with all information at the back of the book.  People complained that there was not enough room to write appointments and notes with this format.  So I listened,and changed it!
It's hard to make a Kindle screenprint; I don't have a Kindle Fire, just an old-school black and white one, but here are prints from the emulator program. The daily graphics are in color and so are the photos.

I welcome comments and suggestions.  This is my first attempt at a Kindle calendar so I'd love to know what you think.  transformations at obsidianbutterfly dot com.