Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Happy 13 Chuen 13 Chuen 9 Mol

It's the ultimate highest-energy Chuen day! Raw inchoate creativity abounds, but what will you DO with it? It's not inspiration, it's not hard work, it's just the desire to create anything. Kind of like in Close Encounters when the people were making mountains out of mashed potatoes and they didn't know why.


I'm behind on my daykeeping again. I could list excuses, but I haven't really got any. Laziness.

I've been consumed with reports about Katrina's destruction of Lousiana and Mississippi. I know that all this negatively can only affect me negatively, but I can't help watching. It's like just after 9/11 when I first got addicted to I was at my mom's house yesterday and they were showing an interview on the weather channel with an old man whose wife had fallen off their roof and been swept away. He was saying "I can't find her, I can't find my wife." The reporter said, "you can't find your wife?" and he said "I can't find her body" and you could hear the reporter start crying.

I've been to New Orleans twice. The zoo has a bubble filled with Australian birds, with lots of lorikeets. I remember being in that bubble with my friend Dean, just crying, looking at the red lories, because of course they all looked exactly like Scarlett, my red lory who died in 1994. (Lance's first mate; Gwennie who died 2 weeks ago was his 2nd mate.) I hope that they were able to move the birds into a secure location. So far I've only heard that the flamingos were all killed. I adore flamingos, but parrots (especially a bubble filled with lories) are so close to my heart. I have not heard anything about the aquarium, which is beautiful and is/was right on the shore of the Mississippi River, and also contains many parrots and some bald eagles and other wildlife.

It breaks my heart what is going on down there, and I haven't heard of any other countries sending aid. That totally pisses me off.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Happy 12 Oc 12 Oc 8 Mol

You're protected today--Oc is energy of guardians, spirit guides, angels, the dear departed to the West. This doesn't mean you can do stupid things, it just means that most likely, you'll be okay. Even though right now, it might seem bleak.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Happy 11 Muluc 11 Muluc 7 Mol

11 is a master number in numerology, but in this form of astrology, it's simply another over-the-topday. Muluc is all about trust, gates, water, and emotion. And of course, I'm writing this with hindsight, and looking at what destruction water wrought on New Orleans on this day. I guess we should be glad it wasn't 13 Muluc.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Happy 10 Lamat (Manifestation day) 10 Lamat 6 Mol

10 Lamat-the energy has just slipped from high-balanced to slightly over the top. You feel a great sense of entitlement--surely you DESERVE to have good things? And what else are credit cards for?

And the energy of manifestation coming through the energy of indulgence can produce some strange things. This may be one of those days where "be careful what you wish for" is more than just a saying!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Happy 9 Manik 9 Manik 5 Mol

Circle reopening today!

9 is still balanced, starting to lean toward excess. Manik is being a tool of the gods and cooperating. Today you might start to feel just the tiniest niggle (is that a word?) of resentment, of feeled USED, of things forcing their way through you instead of you allowing it to happen. Practice graceful acceptance--say "thank you" without any qualifiers to EVERY compliment. (Harder than it sounds.)

Friday, August 26, 2005

chupacabra caught!

This was on today. To me, the picture looks like a dead cat with no hair.

full text in case link goes away:

Farmer May Have Caught Legendary 'Chupacabra'
Mysterious Animal Kills Chickens, Turkeys

POSTED: 7:31 am PDT August 25, 2005
UPDATED: 7:47 am PDT August 25, 2005

COLEMAN, Texas -- A Texas farmer may have found what some would call a "chupacabra," a legendary animal known for sucking the blood out of goats.

Reggie Lagow set a trap last week after a number of his chickens and turkeys were killed.

What he found in his trap was a mix between a hairless dog, a rat and a kangaroo.

The mystery animal has been sent to Texas Parks and Wildlife in hopes of determining what it is.

Happy 8 Cimi & musings on Gwennie's death 8 Cimi 4 Mol

This is the celebration day for Cimi, Cimi #8. Cimi is of course change, tranformation, and even death. Having had 2 recent deaths in my household (Gwennie, and another albino cory), I wonder if I shouldn't do a little work around this subject today. Maybe put something in tomorrow's ritual (we are re-opening the Circle).

Lance (Gwennie's mate, and yes, they were Lancelot and Guinievere) and I have been spending what I call "kissy time" together--every day after work, I bring him into the living room and we watch TV (for some reason, it's always Return of the King) and make kissy noises at each other. It's only been a week or so since Gwennie left us and already his leg feathers are growing back. What was he trying to tell me by plucking his legs bald? Was he saying that Gwennie was sick? I thought about getting another Rainbow Lorikeet, an older one, to be Lance's friend, but I don't think I'm going to. I am going to try to switch Goober (Lance's 14 year old daughter) back and forth between Zeebo's cage (Lance's 12 year old son, who is insane) & Lance's cage. I am enjoying being Lance's "mate" but I know he hates being alone. He gets along okay with Goober, at least he had in the past. When he is done with his medicine I'm going to put them together and see how it goes.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Happy 7 Chicchan & manifestation portal 7 Chicchan 3 Mol

7 is of course perfect balance, not over, not under. Chicchan is serpent & kundalini energy, the energy of yoga and the earth. Obviously a good day to do yoga and energy work, meditation, anything working toward enlightenment.

Manifestation portal energy, as filtered through Chicchan, should bring in some good healing & enlightenment-type energies, maybe some "flashes" of insight (funny how our language tends toward light--even the cartoon image of the guy getting an idea with a lightbulb over his head).

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

revised name

I removed the "Order of the Feathered Serpent" stuff from the name of this blog and from the description. I haven't gotten a lesson in MONTHS nor gotten any response from my instructor. I am enjoying having this blog and doing the daykeeping so I am going to keep going, but on my terms.

Happy 6 Kan 6 Kan 2 Mol

I am finally back on track, doing today's daykeeping today, and not doing yesterday's (or last week's). I keep thinking about my sweet little Gwennie bird and the silly things she did, and I get so angry that my last memory is so ugly, of her rotting body. That is so wrong. I try to remember the twinkle she'd get in her eyes when she wanted to play and instead I remember that her eyes had sunken into her head. I know the bad memory will hasn't even been a week....but right now it still hurts. A lot.

Six-we are back into balance and moderation, no worrying about overkill or lack of energy. Kan is the lizard, the muse, the seed. Not many lizards up here in Connecticut to observe, but we can listen to the whispers of our muse. We can work on the seeds we've planted in the past, and allow them to grow.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Happy 5 Akbal 5 Akbal 1 Mol

5 Akbal...that means my Mayan birthday was 40 days ago. This summer has been flying by.

Five is just on the edge of balance, but it's an odd number so I see it as more of an arrow pointing toward six, or a person leaning over. Akbal is the darkness of the cave or butterfly coccoon. You won't be in the coccoon today, but you want to be in that darkness, healing & transforming.

otherworldly events

This might have been a dream, but I'm not sure.

In the middle of the night (it was still dark out) I woke up when a cat jumped on me. I don't know if you have a cat, or you've ever cat-sat someone else's, but when a strange cat jumps on you, you just "know" it's not your cat. And this wasn't either of my cats.

I could feel the blanket against my face and the sheets under my body, and it wasn't my blanket-it didn't feel right, didn't SMELL right. The sheets also felt different. I was aware that the bed was square, not rectangular. It had hangings on all 4 corners, which my bed doesn't have. The room felt a little larger also--not by much, maybe by a couple of feet (the room is long and narrow, it didn't feel so narrow).

The only explanation I could come up with is some sort of parallel dimension where just for a moment what the me in this world was doing was close to what another me was doing. I was sleeping upside down in the bed because I fell asleep watching The Daily Show (what else is new?) and so was my other self. (Although in a square bed, what is up and down might not be as important.)

More than once during the night, I woke in that strange bed with that strange cat. Other times I woke in my own bed with Nutter, my white cat, fussing around me.

What else was it? In between the waking ups in the strange bed, I had dreams. I don't feel like it was a dream.

It reminded me a little bit of this other strange thing that happens to me sometimes. I wake up and have a panic attack because I think I shouldn't be where I am, that I'm in a strange bed with a strange person, I am absolutely convinced of it. After a moment I realize that I'm in my own bed with my own husband of many years. Now I have to wonder if the other me doesn't sometimes wake up in MY world and maybe she panics, and then we switch.

I wonder if I can communicate with her.

Monday, August 22, 2005

sadness & catch-up

I'm behind on my posts. I've had a blow to my soul.

The gem show was great. I went for 2 days, Friday & Saturday. On Friday, I did find the crystal I had dreamed about. It's called Kyanite. I got a finger-sized piece for $30, my most expensive purchase. I also got a rainstick (always wanted one), and a lovely bowl carved out of fossil bone (for the altar). I bought $90 worth of angels for my friend's store (she couldn't come) and a nice tiger iron orb for another friend. Also got a great deal on some magnetic jewelry--paid less for completed pieces than for unstrung beads. Didn't buy much for resale cuz I still have all the stuff I bought last year.

I got to see my friend whose husband is in the Army. He's being relocated soon so who knows if/when I will see her again. He's going for officer training and then he is probably going to be deployed.

Sunday we went to Plymouth with my parents. My dad is a worry wart fussbudget OCD person. I know it's just the Alzheimer's amplifying his natural tendencies but it can be SO ANNOYING. He makes my fussy eating look like toleranance.

We went to Providencetown on the ferry (saw a 30' basking shark--to me it was just a big freaking shark fin, but the captain of the boat said it was a basking shark which are plankton eaters). Too crowded; didn't know it was Carnival week with a parade coming the next day. I wouldn't have gone if I had known. It was hot and crowded--too things I can do without. My father whined constantly. We got him some raspberry ice cream; it wasn't black raspberry ice cream (which is purple) it was regular raspberry which is pink, and he insisted it was strawberry due to the pinkness even though my mother ate it and said it was raspberry. He had a terrible time, hated the boat, hated everything. I bought myself a nice hat which fits my little head, and got a toy lobster for my friend's baby and a cool shell for my other friend who loves shells.

We went whale watching and saw 6 humpback whales and a minkey (spell?) whale. The whales were called....hmm..Soot, Barb, ack I can't remember now! I thought I got some good video with my digital camera but I wasn't doing it right, you aren't supposed to hold down the button, just click once to start and once to end.

My friend from Attleboro came up for lunch (the one I bought the angels for) and went walking on the beach with us at low tide. That was the only day the water was clear enough to snorkle, but snorkling isn't a companion activity unless everyone's doing it, so I didn't get to snorkle at all up there. My parents found some huge clam shells and a few sand dollars; we got lots and lots of cool rocks to finish the new garden edging. We also went to Plymouth Plantation one day.

My father worried constantly. Were we out of gas? Better fill up. (We just filled up last night). What about his baby (the cat)? His baby could be dead. He wanted to go home to his baby. Friday morning, the day we were leaving, he was up and ready go to at 6:00 a.m my mom said. To go home to his baby. We had to pick the cat up by noon or pay $25 extra (another day). We got there at 12:01 but they didn't charge the extra day.

My parents dropped us and our mound of luggage off and headed home with their cat. I went inside to see my own cats. Nutter fled from me as if I was a stranger (he's the original scardey cat). I checked the fish--all alive, suprise surprise--and headed into the bird room.

Ever since Scarlett died in 1994, I have counted birds. I counted 4, not 6. Lance and Gwennie's cage was empty.

My first thought--they escaped (they do that) and were in the baby cage. The baby cage (so called because when we have babies, they live in that cage once they have feathers) was empty. The cage doors were latched. I called because sometimes they are sleeping in the box, but no one came out. I pulled the box open. There was Lance, looking up at me, and next to him Gwennie, dead and decayed, her eyes gone, her neck back in rigor. I started screaming. My husband came running in. The person watching the birds had called THE NIGHT BEFORE and assured us all the animals were fine and alive. Clearly she had lied. I was hysterical. My husand had to net Lance because he wouldn't leave his mate's body. I wrapped her up and drove the 20 miles the bird vet, crying hysterically every time I saw the little bundle on the seat next to me. i was halfway there when my husband called to say Lance had diareha (I can't spell and right now I don't care). I continued on the vet and dropped off Gwennie for necropsy and cremation , and asked for medicine for Lance. They wanted to see him. I drove back home, grabbed him, drove back. They said they couldn't see him even though I had just made an appointment. I waited an hour and finally the vet said that he might have something wrong with his kidneys or liver (he's had liver problems before). His poop was funky too. He had lost 33 grams (133 last month, now 100) which is a huge amount.

A couple of hours later they called and said that Gwennie had an abnormal heart and liver (why that didn't show up on all the tests I had done on her 3 weeks before they couldn't explain) and that the metal they found her belly the month before (via xray) hadn't killed her because after all, it wasn't metal. It was small rocks, and she had already passed several of them.

The person who was watching my animals can't understand why I am angry at her.

There's a lesson in here somewhere.

Happy 4 Ik & welcome Mol 4 Ik 0 Mol

It's the seating of Mol today; Mol means water. Welcome!

Ik is wind. (Hmm, combine wind & water, what do you get? Hurricanes and 'tis the season. And of course you know that hurricanes are named after the Mayan god Hurakan, which I probably spelled wrong. There's a temple to him at Tullum and it looks like a building being blown down--and was built like that on purpose. Pretty cool.) And grounding, and communication. Four is low energy, but balanced, solid, square energy. (I guess I am partial to four because I was born on a four day.) It might take you a few minutes to get your point across today, but when you do, it will be solidly understood.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

happy 3 Imix 3 Imix 19 Yaxkin

Imix-carrying the world on your back, responsibility, taking care of others, trying not to meddle too much. 3 is a low number, it's also an off-balance number, a time of tilting things to see what happens when they aren't so much on track. Your tasks and goals may feel unstable; things you've relied on to keep your routine going might not go as planned today.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Happy 2 Ahau 2 Ahau 18 Yaxkin

Ahau-the highest and best you can aspire to, but with only 2 in front, it's a minor accomplishment you're looking at today. Not necessarily coming in 2nd instead of 1st, but maybe your 1st is a local or regional win, not a nationwide or worldwide contest.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Happy 1 Cauac and full moon 1 Cauac 17 Yaxkin

Isn't it lovely to shift from the ever-increasing energy levels of the higher numbers back into 1? I always feel like taking a nap and re-charging myself.

Cauac is the rainstorm, it's energy from the universe, and gifts from the gods. At a level one, these will be tiny gifts--a hummingbird outside your window, a good parking space, a green light when you're in a hurry. Doesn' t mean you shouldn't say thank you.

Full moon today! Do a little ritual, or just go outside right after sunset and watch it rise, giant and imposing. You know how the full moon looks HUGE when it comes up, and then seems to shrink? Well, it stays the same size. I know, I didn't believe it either. But check out this picture in the archives of NASA. I guess the explanation is, that when it's near the horizon, there are things to compare its size too, and as it rises those objects aren't near the moon anymore so we can't accurately judge its size.

Back from vacation late today!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Happy 13 Etznab 13 Etznab 16 Yaxkin

It's the highest level of Etznab we will live through in this Tzolkin. Etznab is about sacrifice, balance and energy exchange. Anything that's out of balance will simply be screaming at your sense of fairness today, and it's possible to overdo--overtip, overcompensate. If, like me, you're on a cleaning kick, today might not be a good day--you'll probably toss or give away things you'll regret later.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Happy 12 Caban and manifestation portal 12 Caban 15 Yaxkin

Wow, my aunt has been dead an entire year. Time really does fly as you get older. Many details about my aunt in my other blog.

12 Caban--the next to highest level of Caban energy, which is of course earthquakes and upheavals and prayers to the gods. Considering that we just had a burner day & are at the tail end of that energy, this could be an interesting day!

And what will Caban manifest for us? Obviously upheaval, but because Caban is also prayers, I venture to say that some of your requests to non-earthly entities may be granted. Throw some itza in; it can't hurt.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Happy 11 Cib 11 Cib 14 Yaxkin

Cib, the vulture, the karmic cleanser, the Mr Clean of the astral world. With level 11 energy, your cleansings (if you ask for them) will be swift. I've been cleaning my house lately, putting aside movies I haven't watched for years, CDs I haven't listened too, books I'll never read again (and didn't finish the first time), clothes that don't fit. The energy is amazing. I've only moved about 2 milk crates worth of stuff and I feel so different. Feng shui is obviously related to Cib.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Happy 9 Ix 9 Ix 12 Yaxkin

I've decided to do at least a few days in advance. I'm all packed and just waiting to be picked up in a couple of hours, but I also have a few errands to run (checks to cash, library books to return). What I can't do today, I will finish on Saturday.

9 Ix is the highest balanced day of the Earth energy. It's starting to tip toward the outrageous. If you aren't in control of your magical workings or your rituals, today's a day they could start to go off. Always plan them carefully! If you can't coordinate them with anything else, at least use the moon cycle as a guide. (Plus you have this handy daykeeping journal to refer to, and the whole point is that you can use this information also!)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Happy 10 Men & Burner day 10 Men 13 Yaxkin

Burner day! Watch for things to happen which affect large segments of population, and remember that burner day energies seem to stretch for a day or so before and after (kind of like the full moon) so something may have happened yesterday (when I am actually writing this, since as you read I'm on vacation) or will happen tomorrow.

Men is the eagle, the wise one, the keeper of esoteric knowledge and objects, the person you want on your Trivial pursuit team. Today you have a little bit of the Men energy in you--you can recall things easier, learn strange facts. But since we're at a level 10 energy, your mind can be overwhelmed with minutia and useless knowlege, so be careful what you dump in. An open mind is not a trash can.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Happy 8 Ben 8 Ben 11 Yaxkin

Tomorrow I go away on vacation and I'll have no internet. I may post in advance, or afterward. If you don't see anything new, check back next Saturday.

It's the ultimate Ben day, a day to celebrate pathfinding, trail blazing (anything you might name an SUV after which is not related to a city in the Southwest!). Boldly go where no one has gone before, and if you can't do that (after all, if there's a road or trail, someone's been there before), go where YOU haven't gone before. Explore your town--do you really know where every road leads? Or explore your state if you live in a little one like I do.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Happy 7 Eb / Manifestation portal 7 Eb 10 Yaxkin

Eb-the road and the grass that grows beside it. And 7 is of course the perfect balance, a day to reflect upon your life path and its meanderings, which have taken you here so I could say hello! (Hello!). It might be a day to adjust your course...not that your path is ever wrong, but sometimes it could be more right.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Happy 6 Chuen 6 Chuen 9 Yaxkin

Chuen the monkey! Monkey, artist, trickster, thinker-outside-the-box. Good creativity today, appropriate to what's needed, nicely balanced.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Happy 5 Oc 5 Oc 8 Yaxkin

Hello Oc! Faithful dog friend, who guides us through the Underworld...I've been wanting a dog lately. My husband dislikes dogs and refuses to own one, so I've been working on my parents (well, my mom mostly) to get another mini daschund. My best friend actually asked me to take her dog, who is sweet and adores me, but she's too big (60 lbs) and I'd have to take her other dog and I don't like him. So I've been thinking alot about dogs, especially versus cats. I love my cats. I will always have cats. But when I say "food" to my cats, they just look at me. My daschund knew the words ride, car, food and a few others. My cats come when I make food noises (rattle the cabinet, bowl, fork, etc) but not when I say "Food." (Although my black cat does recognize the word "milk" when said in a certain tone of voice.)

Dogs are good. If you haven't got one, go visit a friend's dog, or take a walk in a park where there are lots of dogs to visit. If you have a dog, take him to the park!

Five energy is just beginning to balance. Because Oc can also signify your guardian angels, know that they are watching you.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

happy 4 muluc / manifestation portal 4 Muluc 7 Yaxkin

Muluc: water, emotion, gates/portals/trust. 4 Is low, square, grounded, starting to increase.
And today is a Muluc portal: a portal-portal. And yesterday was the 8/8 minor portal. Expect galactic energies to influence you.


I watched part of a show yesterday on National Geographic Channel on Hogzilla. For those of you who haven't heard of Hogzilla: version of Hogzilla story
National picture gallery of dead Hogzilla's grave
I am positive that the shot of the dead rotting carcass of Hogzilla with the cleaned-off Hogzilla skull next to it prompted part of my dead horse dream (see below). Hogzilla turned out to be part wild boar and part Hampshire pig.
I have to wonder about pigs. Supposedly, well-prepared human flesh tastes "just like pork" (the other-other white meat? Haven't you heard of "long pork"?). Heart valves from pigs work just fine in human bodies, and I think they might use other pig parts too. But monkeys are our closest relatives? I don't get it.
I really hate the SMELL of pigs. Whenever I go to the Big E (a major fair up in Springfield Mass) and go near the pigs, I am so grossed out by the smell that I can't eat pork for weeks. I don't feel this way about the cows, who I always pet and thank for being so delicious. I think subconsciously I know that if I laid around in my own filth for long enough, I would smell just like a pig.
And one time in my life, I DID smell like a pig. Honestly.
I had a wound cauterized. I wasn't looking. I was staring into space, thinking about pizza. The reason I was thinking about pizza is because I was SMELLING pizza--well, pepperoni anyway. I've never liked pepperoni much, but this day I was craving it so badly I could smell it...
When you burn me, I smell like pepperoni.
That's the long version of why I don't eat pepperoni. The short version is, "It's too greasy."


Weird dream just now. I know it was just now because I got up at 4:45 to go to the bathroom and dreamed this afterward.

I was walking or driving (?) down an unfamilar road and there was a large, dead animal on the side of the road. You know how some dead things on the road kind of mummify, they are just bones and skin/fur? That's what this was. It wasn't a deer; it seemed too hairy. (No, I didn't even THINK of it being Bigfoot until just this moment.) I went closer and it was a HORSE! The hair was its mane and tail. I was totally grossed out and kept going. Around a curve, on the other side of the road, there was some kind of shelf, and the shelf was covered with objects. Toy cars (matchbox size and micro-mini size), little puzzles, silk boxes, etc. All kinds of things like that. And no one was there with them, and they just seemed abandoned somehow. I went closer and started looking at everything. To get there I had to step over this brown barrel, which I did. The only thing I was tempted to take were some of the micro cars, to send to my friend's sons. There was nothing that appealed to me for myself. This lady C. I know came along and was also looking at the stuff, and then a little foreign man came out of nowhere and started packing everything up. I had a handful of cars and I put them in a box for him as if I'd meant to do that all along. C. also started picking things up, and then she had the audacity to ask the guy to pay her for helping, and he DID. (One of those moments when you say, "Damn, why didn't I think of that!")

So I walked away, sans toys for my friend's kids, and that was when I saw that the "barrel" I had stepped over was another dead horse. It had no legs, the head was just a skull. It looked like the dead Hogzilla (See next post). I was so upset, I wanted to call whoever--animal control, public works--and get these damn dead horses out of the road!

Also in that dream, I was at the beach, but it was a weird beach. We were sitting in basically an alleyway between two buildings; the alley was maybe 5-6' wide. I was burrowing into the sand to make a soft sand nest to sit in and I found a little package. I unwrapped it and it was full of crystals, including this long, thin blue crystal like an icicle, which had been fashioned into a wand (it had smaller crystals and polished stones glued to it). I somehow knew this blue crystal was the exact thing I needed to cure something that was wrong with me (Don't know what that something was, though.) Then I was somewhere else, getting dressed, and I looked down at my body and sucked in my stomach, and I could see my hipbones when I did that. As soon as I let the "suck" go all my flab came back. And I thought, "Maybe now I've lost enough weight to get the bariatric surgery."

In the final part of the same dream, I was in a car which was driven by a man, and he wanted to marry a cat (an ordinary house cat) and I was arguing with him, and he said that some guy from the Rolling Stones had done it so why couldn't he? We were driving on a lawn, and there was a stone retaining wall ahead of it, and we flew over the wall, and I woke up when we hit the ground.

In the real world, I am going to a huge gem show this weekend. I will be looking for that blue wand.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Happy 3 Lamat & 8/8 gate 3 Lamat 6 Yaxkin

Minor 8/8 gate today. This gate doesn't truly take effect until 2008, of course, but it echoes back to now (or what we perceive as now in linear time).

Lamat: star, astrology, psychic readings, indulgence, drunkeness, etc. With a low modifying number of 3, it's a good day to indulge yourself without worry of going overboard. You can do readings for yourself or have a reading done by a professional (like me!).

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Happy 2 Manik 2 Manik 5 Yaxkin

We've taken our first steps into the Manik cycle--being a tool of the gods. This could be a new part of your continuing growth, or something you're already familiar with. Don't forget Manik is also the Deer--the shy animal who runs from the slightest provocation. Are you shying away from your destiny?

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Happy 1 Cimi 1 Cimi 4 Yaxkin

It's the very first Cimi day--all about changes. You can continue the cycle we've been discussing for the past few days about planting and nurturing seeds and new growth. Allow all that to work its changing magic upon you.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Happy 13 Chicchan & New Moon 13 Chicchan 3 Yaxkin

It's the ultimate Chicchan day! Yoga, kundalini, bring up that sleeping earth energy and awaken your consciousness!
It's also the new moon, a time of beginnings, time to let things grow (the seeds you got yesterday from Kan?), and to do magical workings for attainment, growth & manifestation.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Happy 12 Kan & Manifestation day 12 Kan 2 Yaxkin

Kan the lizard, the seed, the muse. 12 is the penultimate number, the next to highest. Preparing for the big finish. You can imagine this as the 2nd wind of your creativity.

It's also a manifestation day. Kan will grant you small ideas--seeds--things which you may choose to keep in a jar for later, to feed to the birds, or to water and nuture.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Happy 11 Akbal 11 Akbal 1 Yaxkin

Akbal-my birth energy! I am always happy to come back to an Akbal day. It's very soothing for me. And conversely, one of the hardest days to write about. To me, Akbal just is.

11 is pretty high energy. 11's also a master number if you're into numerology. It's not the highest, of course--that's 13--but 11's getting up there. Desires for coccooning, hiding in the cave, fear of death (does the caterpillar think it's dying? Does the caterpillar die to become a butterfly?).

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Lunsadh ceremony yesterday

Last night we did a lovely Lunasadh ceremony which involved people making lists of 7 things they've accomplished, 7 things which make them happy, and 7 things they are grateful for (as part of the harvest/abundance mentality of Lunasadh). When I passed out the papers I said it was a quiz and spelling counted, including all the Mayan and Aztec words/names we use in the ritual. People started joking about it, and trying to list all the day names and gods we mentioned, and they did pretty good. I was impressed. The ceremony went well. We also brought up energy from the earth and down from the sky and made a heart-light ball similiar to what I do in my Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing classes, but I used different terminology. People said they liked it. But of course they disliked making lists and disliked sharing them even more. One gentleman was appalled that I asked him to share--he admitted that he listed his dog before his wife! My husband actually listed the cats as something that made him happy--the same cats he complains about all the time. It's interesting to me to hear what people list; it really shows where they are on their path.
The ceremony wasn't in the unfinished Circle (I know, I owe lots of photos to this blog), but at my friend's store, Curious Goods in West Haven, CT.

Happy 10 Ik and Welcome Yaxkin! 10 Ik 0 Yaxkin

Yaxkin is the center (one of the few Haab month names I have found translations for).
Ik is all about communication, grounding, speaking the words of the gods, being spacey, and the tree of life. (One of the more complex daysigns, IMHO.)
With today being the seating of Yaxkin, the center, I can only think that today's about grounding (what some call "centering"). And ten is just past the center, slipping toward overdoing it. So I think you should keep your center, keep your grounding, and don't let people push you around today.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Happy 9 Imix 9 Imix 19 Xul

Wow, it's August already! I feel old. Time is sure flying.

9 Imix: the 3d of the balanced Imix days, with energy increasing. Imix is about mothering, smothering, carrying the weight of the world on your back. I guess all of those things really go together, don't they? Your heavy burden smothers you, especially if you are a mom. I see my friends who have children just overwhelmed by it all some days. Not being a parent myself, I can't tell you how to balance that, but it needs to be balanced. You need to be taken care of. Maybe you need to make Imix days be self-days, when you get smothered with attention instead of being borne down by your burdens.