Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Happy 5 Oc 5 Oc 8 Yaxkin

Hello Oc! Faithful dog friend, who guides us through the Underworld...I've been wanting a dog lately. My husband dislikes dogs and refuses to own one, so I've been working on my parents (well, my mom mostly) to get another mini daschund. My best friend actually asked me to take her dog, who is sweet and adores me, but she's too big (60 lbs) and I'd have to take her other dog and I don't like him. So I've been thinking alot about dogs, especially versus cats. I love my cats. I will always have cats. But when I say "food" to my cats, they just look at me. My daschund knew the words ride, car, food and a few others. My cats come when I make food noises (rattle the cabinet, bowl, fork, etc) but not when I say "Food." (Although my black cat does recognize the word "milk" when said in a certain tone of voice.)

Dogs are good. If you haven't got one, go visit a friend's dog, or take a walk in a park where there are lots of dogs to visit. If you have a dog, take him to the park!

Five energy is just beginning to balance. Because Oc can also signify your guardian angels, know that they are watching you.

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