Friday, August 26, 2005

Happy 8 Cimi & musings on Gwennie's death 8 Cimi 4 Mol

This is the celebration day for Cimi, Cimi #8. Cimi is of course change, tranformation, and even death. Having had 2 recent deaths in my household (Gwennie, and another albino cory), I wonder if I shouldn't do a little work around this subject today. Maybe put something in tomorrow's ritual (we are re-opening the Circle).

Lance (Gwennie's mate, and yes, they were Lancelot and Guinievere) and I have been spending what I call "kissy time" together--every day after work, I bring him into the living room and we watch TV (for some reason, it's always Return of the King) and make kissy noises at each other. It's only been a week or so since Gwennie left us and already his leg feathers are growing back. What was he trying to tell me by plucking his legs bald? Was he saying that Gwennie was sick? I thought about getting another Rainbow Lorikeet, an older one, to be Lance's friend, but I don't think I'm going to. I am going to try to switch Goober (Lance's 14 year old daughter) back and forth between Zeebo's cage (Lance's 12 year old son, who is insane) & Lance's cage. I am enjoying being Lance's "mate" but I know he hates being alone. He gets along okay with Goober, at least he had in the past. When he is done with his medicine I'm going to put them together and see how it goes.

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