Tuesday, August 23, 2005

otherworldly events

This might have been a dream, but I'm not sure.

In the middle of the night (it was still dark out) I woke up when a cat jumped on me. I don't know if you have a cat, or you've ever cat-sat someone else's, but when a strange cat jumps on you, you just "know" it's not your cat. And this wasn't either of my cats.

I could feel the blanket against my face and the sheets under my body, and it wasn't my blanket-it didn't feel right, didn't SMELL right. The sheets also felt different. I was aware that the bed was square, not rectangular. It had hangings on all 4 corners, which my bed doesn't have. The room felt a little larger also--not by much, maybe by a couple of feet (the room is long and narrow, it didn't feel so narrow).

The only explanation I could come up with is some sort of parallel dimension where just for a moment what the me in this world was doing was close to what another me was doing. I was sleeping upside down in the bed because I fell asleep watching The Daily Show (what else is new?) and so was my other self. (Although in a square bed, what is up and down might not be as important.)

More than once during the night, I woke in that strange bed with that strange cat. Other times I woke in my own bed with Nutter, my white cat, fussing around me.

What else was it? In between the waking ups in the strange bed, I had dreams. I don't feel like it was a dream.

It reminded me a little bit of this other strange thing that happens to me sometimes. I wake up and have a panic attack because I think I shouldn't be where I am, that I'm in a strange bed with a strange person, I am absolutely convinced of it. After a moment I realize that I'm in my own bed with my own husband of many years. Now I have to wonder if the other me doesn't sometimes wake up in MY world and maybe she panics, and then we switch.

I wonder if I can communicate with her.

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