Friday, August 19, 2005

Happy 1 Cauac and full moon 1 Cauac 17 Yaxkin

Isn't it lovely to shift from the ever-increasing energy levels of the higher numbers back into 1? I always feel like taking a nap and re-charging myself.

Cauac is the rainstorm, it's energy from the universe, and gifts from the gods. At a level one, these will be tiny gifts--a hummingbird outside your window, a good parking space, a green light when you're in a hurry. Doesn' t mean you shouldn't say thank you.

Full moon today! Do a little ritual, or just go outside right after sunset and watch it rise, giant and imposing. You know how the full moon looks HUGE when it comes up, and then seems to shrink? Well, it stays the same size. I know, I didn't believe it either. But check out this picture in the archives of NASA. I guess the explanation is, that when it's near the horizon, there are things to compare its size too, and as it rises those objects aren't near the moon anymore so we can't accurately judge its size.

Back from vacation late today!

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