Monday, August 22, 2005

Happy 4 Ik & welcome Mol 4 Ik 0 Mol

It's the seating of Mol today; Mol means water. Welcome!

Ik is wind. (Hmm, combine wind & water, what do you get? Hurricanes and 'tis the season. And of course you know that hurricanes are named after the Mayan god Hurakan, which I probably spelled wrong. There's a temple to him at Tullum and it looks like a building being blown down--and was built like that on purpose. Pretty cool.) And grounding, and communication. Four is low energy, but balanced, solid, square energy. (I guess I am partial to four because I was born on a four day.) It might take you a few minutes to get your point across today, but when you do, it will be solidly understood.

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