Monday, August 15, 2005

Happy 9 Ix 9 Ix 12 Yaxkin

I've decided to do at least a few days in advance. I'm all packed and just waiting to be picked up in a couple of hours, but I also have a few errands to run (checks to cash, library books to return). What I can't do today, I will finish on Saturday.

9 Ix is the highest balanced day of the Earth energy. It's starting to tip toward the outrageous. If you aren't in control of your magical workings or your rituals, today's a day they could start to go off. Always plan them carefully! If you can't coordinate them with anything else, at least use the moon cycle as a guide. (Plus you have this handy daykeeping journal to refer to, and the whole point is that you can use this information also!)

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