Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Lunsadh ceremony yesterday

Last night we did a lovely Lunasadh ceremony which involved people making lists of 7 things they've accomplished, 7 things which make them happy, and 7 things they are grateful for (as part of the harvest/abundance mentality of Lunasadh). When I passed out the papers I said it was a quiz and spelling counted, including all the Mayan and Aztec words/names we use in the ritual. People started joking about it, and trying to list all the day names and gods we mentioned, and they did pretty good. I was impressed. The ceremony went well. We also brought up energy from the earth and down from the sky and made a heart-light ball similiar to what I do in my Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing classes, but I used different terminology. People said they liked it. But of course they disliked making lists and disliked sharing them even more. One gentleman was appalled that I asked him to share--he admitted that he listed his dog before his wife! My husband actually listed the cats as something that made him happy--the same cats he complains about all the time. It's interesting to me to hear what people list; it really shows where they are on their path.
The ceremony wasn't in the unfinished Circle (I know, I owe lots of photos to this blog), but at my friend's store, Curious Goods in West Haven, CT.

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