Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Weird dream just now. I know it was just now because I got up at 4:45 to go to the bathroom and dreamed this afterward.

I was walking or driving (?) down an unfamilar road and there was a large, dead animal on the side of the road. You know how some dead things on the road kind of mummify, they are just bones and skin/fur? That's what this was. It wasn't a deer; it seemed too hairy. (No, I didn't even THINK of it being Bigfoot until just this moment.) I went closer and it was a HORSE! The hair was its mane and tail. I was totally grossed out and kept going. Around a curve, on the other side of the road, there was some kind of shelf, and the shelf was covered with objects. Toy cars (matchbox size and micro-mini size), little puzzles, silk boxes, etc. All kinds of things like that. And no one was there with them, and they just seemed abandoned somehow. I went closer and started looking at everything. To get there I had to step over this brown barrel, which I did. The only thing I was tempted to take were some of the micro cars, to send to my friend's sons. There was nothing that appealed to me for myself. This lady C. I know came along and was also looking at the stuff, and then a little foreign man came out of nowhere and started packing everything up. I had a handful of cars and I put them in a box for him as if I'd meant to do that all along. C. also started picking things up, and then she had the audacity to ask the guy to pay her for helping, and he DID. (One of those moments when you say, "Damn, why didn't I think of that!")

So I walked away, sans toys for my friend's kids, and that was when I saw that the "barrel" I had stepped over was another dead horse. It had no legs, the head was just a skull. It looked like the dead Hogzilla (See next post). I was so upset, I wanted to call whoever--animal control, public works--and get these damn dead horses out of the road!

Also in that dream, I was at the beach, but it was a weird beach. We were sitting in basically an alleyway between two buildings; the alley was maybe 5-6' wide. I was burrowing into the sand to make a soft sand nest to sit in and I found a little package. I unwrapped it and it was full of crystals, including this long, thin blue crystal like an icicle, which had been fashioned into a wand (it had smaller crystals and polished stones glued to it). I somehow knew this blue crystal was the exact thing I needed to cure something that was wrong with me (Don't know what that something was, though.) Then I was somewhere else, getting dressed, and I looked down at my body and sucked in my stomach, and I could see my hipbones when I did that. As soon as I let the "suck" go all my flab came back. And I thought, "Maybe now I've lost enough weight to get the bariatric surgery."

In the final part of the same dream, I was in a car which was driven by a man, and he wanted to marry a cat (an ordinary house cat) and I was arguing with him, and he said that some guy from the Rolling Stones had done it so why couldn't he? We were driving on a lawn, and there was a stone retaining wall ahead of it, and we flew over the wall, and I woke up when we hit the ground.

In the real world, I am going to a huge gem show this weekend. I will be looking for that blue wand.

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