Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I'm behind on my daykeeping again. I could list excuses, but I haven't really got any. Laziness.

I've been consumed with reports about Katrina's destruction of Lousiana and Mississippi. I know that all this negatively can only affect me negatively, but I can't help watching. It's like just after 9/11 when I first got addicted to I was at my mom's house yesterday and they were showing an interview on the weather channel with an old man whose wife had fallen off their roof and been swept away. He was saying "I can't find her, I can't find my wife." The reporter said, "you can't find your wife?" and he said "I can't find her body" and you could hear the reporter start crying.

I've been to New Orleans twice. The zoo has a bubble filled with Australian birds, with lots of lorikeets. I remember being in that bubble with my friend Dean, just crying, looking at the red lories, because of course they all looked exactly like Scarlett, my red lory who died in 1994. (Lance's first mate; Gwennie who died 2 weeks ago was his 2nd mate.) I hope that they were able to move the birds into a secure location. So far I've only heard that the flamingos were all killed. I adore flamingos, but parrots (especially a bubble filled with lories) are so close to my heart. I have not heard anything about the aquarium, which is beautiful and is/was right on the shore of the Mississippi River, and also contains many parrots and some bald eagles and other wildlife.

It breaks my heart what is going on down there, and I haven't heard of any other countries sending aid. That totally pisses me off.


stella said...
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stella said...

just wanted to say I hear you :'(
It pisses me of too.