Friday, April 25, 2008

The chemistry behind implants?

I was just listening to this song I like, in one of those repetitive moods where I listen to the same song obsessively. The song reminds me of sad times, but it doesn’t make me feel sad. But listening got me into a philosophical mood—which is better than a sad one, a more usual frame of mind when driving along that particular stretch of highway, the same route I used to take home from the nursing home where my dad died—I started thinking about love and the nature of love.

It seems to me that each relationship—romantic or otherwise—is entirely unique. What one feels for a given person can never be captured again with another—or even with that very person.

I’m not a drug user, but I know people who are. They say that the first high from a really addictive drug—heroin, meth, coke—is amazing and incredible and awesome. And it can never be duplicated, even if you waited 10 years before you tried that drug again.

I suspect it has to do with cell receptors getting used up or impeded in some permanent way every time you use the drug. (I’m no chemist.) Imagine a door with a thousand locks. You put in a thousand keys and open the door. But some of the keys stick, and you can’t take them out, so those locks break, and every time you open the door, less and less locks are available.

It made me wonder if there are love receptors. Are there broken keys stuck in people’s love receptors, making love feel old and stale, making love go away entirely? Do those stuck and broken keys impede us from feeling the rush of first love, of best friendship?

Some metaphysicians (myself included) talk about thought forms caught up in our auras. Some talk about implants. These implants or thought forms affect our behavior, influence our very lives. Are they simply keys stuck in our locks? Cell receptors so gunked up with hormones or whatever that they no longer accept input?

And if that’s what implants and thought forms really are—something chemical, something physical left behind in a cell—how can we really clear them?

(Written 04-22-08, 7 p.m., 19 Pop 3 Cib)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Munay Ki 1-4

Last night I got the first 4 rites of Munay Ki. I haven’t read the book it’s based on--The Four Insights: Wisdom, Power, and Grace of the Earthkeepers (although I've read other excellent books by the author, Alberto Villoldo)--, nor did I read over much of the information sent to me beforehand. This isn’t laziness; the library hasn’t gotten a copy of the book available (I’ve been waiting for a month) and I consciously decided to go into this not knowing very much. That’s what I did with Shamballa Multidimensional Healing and it was the right thing to do then, and it seems right now.

I heard about Munay Ki last September, from a woman I met at a Lightworkers meeting in Massachusetts who was also at the Shamballa 12D training I took after my Shamballa Mastership. It sounded appealing, but it required a 3 hour drive (each way) once per week for….I think it was six weeks. Anyway, not very ecologically friendly nor very friendly to those who have jobs and can’t spend 6 hours on the road for a 1 hour class. I told her that when she scheduled sessions closer to my home, I’d take it. And I forwarded the email to a friend’s sister-in-law who does a lot of shamanic work. She did the drive and got the rites.

I was going to take the rites from her, in December, and then my dad died at the end of November and the timing seemed off. Plus she was going to charge me a lot more (although the drive would be more like an hour each way rather than 3) than the original email’s offer—she was going to charge by the hour as if I was going to her for a Reiki session and she charged way more than I do, for instance, for such a session.

So I left Munay Ki on hold and went on with my life for a few months.

Then a friend of mine, that I’ve done many energy/teaching exchanges with, sent me an email saying that she was offering them. Basically she just threw a bunch of dates out there; anyone interested could pick a few dates and come get the rites. She does various rites all in the same session. I thought that was pretty interesting, so I signed up.

I haven’t seen this particular friend in a couple of years. She had a lot of strife in her life, and she had no time and we just kind of drew apart. Even though she lives just over the line in the next town, maybe 10 minutes away if I hit every light, we hadn’t gotten together.

She had 2 other people getting rite 6. She did them first, let me watch, and then they left and I stayed for about 90 minutes, getting rites 1-4 and some basic instruction.

My experiences:

Rite 1 was supposed to be “bands of color” put into my aura. I had to stand up. My knee hurt. I experienced it as someone wrapping me like a mummy, very securely, but more like a hug than a restraint. The “bands” of color wrapped, crossed, did this flippy thing where they crossed (not of these dimensions), wrapped, crossed, flipped, etc from my feet to my head. The bands were black silk. Very interesting.

Rites 2 & 3 were together, while I was sitting down on a stool. I did not know where one ended and the next one began. At first all I could think about was fluorite. I saw purple and white banded fluorite donuts and polished chips. Then they changed color to the blue-green that Beth and I love. The blue-green fluorite started morphing between cubes and octahedrons just like it does in nature as it grows. Finally the cube form turned into a small cluster of cubes like a city (like you see sometimes in pyrite). When she moved in front of me, I felt a waterfall pour from the wall above my head in front of me (behind her), which poured toward the floor but then leapt up and into my chest, like a sine wave. She was blowing into my hands and even though I could feel her soft cheeks against my fingers it felt like she was pouring water into my hands.

The 4th rite was done while I was on her Reiki table. My attention was on my left knee, the one I hurt in Mexico. A ball of light surrounded it. Inside was a storm of pearly red light, like a fire opal. As she continued to do the rite, the fire opal color changed to a rainbow colored lattice, like the flower of life merkaba ball used in Holographic Sound Healing. Then the rainbow turned into a pure white light but somehow it was also platinum, silver, and white gold at the same time, and then the rite ended.

I think I might have interrupted the ending of the rite because I asked that my friend do a couple of minutes of energy work on that knee. I knew that it needed to be “sealed” somehow, and after only a couple of minutes the white ball went away and I knew it was finished.

She then decided she wanted to do a tapping routine with me, to lessen the pain in my knee. I wish she hadn’t chosen that route; now I won’t know if the tapping or the rites are what affected my knee.

Because my knee is better. The pain has greatly reduced. I am still limping, but that’s because my muscles have been trained to walk that way since January. The physical therapy I’m about to start will help that.

The tapping routine is complicated, but she gave me the paperwork on how to do it, and I’ll post that here when I have time to retype it. )

Munay-Ki official web site; FOL image adapted from here.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Sputz

My skinny little kitten is a big boy now, a whole year old! He weighed 4 pounds when I got him at 4 months old and now he's around 18 lbs (pictures show him at 3 months and 11 months). But he's not fat. He's got a completely different body structure than Nutter. For instance, the space between Nutter's hipbones (how wide his back is) is about 2 of my fingers. Sputz's (and Ursi's) are the width of my hand. They have very wide bodies and their legs are kind of short for their size. They are what you would call "sturdy" in build. My best friend said that if my ragdolls were little boys, they would wear "husky" sized clothes.
Nutter has a bad cold. I know I should take him to the vet, but he'll get that awful pink stuff, and I'll have to catch him twice a day and jam it down his throat. He hates being picked up or held (always has) and forcing medicine into him doesn't make that any better.
When I came home yesterday he had a huge plug of dried mucus in one nostril. He was frantically licking his nose over and over trying to dislodge his, breath wheezing. I had to catch him and pry the chunk out. Did he appreciate that? No. He refused to eat supper. He sat there and yelled at me. I put down the food. He looked at it and yelled for food again. Will got him to eat some when he came home.
Nutter's so very thin. He probably doesn't weigh 8 lbs. But he is in good spirits, very lovable, loves the ragdolls (as you can see in the picture), loves us. He tries to play with the other cats, running around with them, and then he can't breathe, and he gets kind of bug-eyed trying to get air, and I feel terrible because I can't help him. I tell him he's 14 1/2 years old and he's got 1 lung and cancer and he can't run around like a kitten anymore.
I downloaded all the pictures and words from my old pets blog. Yahoo keeps promising a tool that will let us move our blog contents, including comments, in one step, to any blogging platform. I'm waiting. Not that I have many comments that I care about, but it will be a pain to rebuild something like 75 posts.
BTW, the picture of Nutter and Sputz is on the PetPlace website. It is slide 12 under "friendly cats."

Happy New Year!

Today is 0 Pop, the start of the Mayan year. The energy of 10 Caban (earthquake) will influence the next year (until 0 Pop comes around again, on April 3, 2009, bringing with it the energy of 11 Wind). Earthquakes are sudden changes and upheavals (some for the better, some not). 10 is slightly high, but not the highest (13). I think it has to do with government and who is going to win the presidential election. Maybe Hilary will bounce back, who knows?
Also, what you DO today will influence your year. So do the things today you want to do for the rest of the year. But think them through and make sure they are what you really want! You don't want a day off to translate into no more job, or a big meal out to become an eating disorder.
12 0 Pop 10 Caban