Thursday, April 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Sputz

My skinny little kitten is a big boy now, a whole year old! He weighed 4 pounds when I got him at 4 months old and now he's around 18 lbs (pictures show him at 3 months and 11 months). But he's not fat. He's got a completely different body structure than Nutter. For instance, the space between Nutter's hipbones (how wide his back is) is about 2 of my fingers. Sputz's (and Ursi's) are the width of my hand. They have very wide bodies and their legs are kind of short for their size. They are what you would call "sturdy" in build. My best friend said that if my ragdolls were little boys, they would wear "husky" sized clothes.
Nutter has a bad cold. I know I should take him to the vet, but he'll get that awful pink stuff, and I'll have to catch him twice a day and jam it down his throat. He hates being picked up or held (always has) and forcing medicine into him doesn't make that any better.
When I came home yesterday he had a huge plug of dried mucus in one nostril. He was frantically licking his nose over and over trying to dislodge his, breath wheezing. I had to catch him and pry the chunk out. Did he appreciate that? No. He refused to eat supper. He sat there and yelled at me. I put down the food. He looked at it and yelled for food again. Will got him to eat some when he came home.
Nutter's so very thin. He probably doesn't weigh 8 lbs. But he is in good spirits, very lovable, loves the ragdolls (as you can see in the picture), loves us. He tries to play with the other cats, running around with them, and then he can't breathe, and he gets kind of bug-eyed trying to get air, and I feel terrible because I can't help him. I tell him he's 14 1/2 years old and he's got 1 lung and cancer and he can't run around like a kitten anymore.
I downloaded all the pictures and words from my old pets blog. Yahoo keeps promising a tool that will let us move our blog contents, including comments, in one step, to any blogging platform. I'm waiting. Not that I have many comments that I care about, but it will be a pain to rebuild something like 75 posts.
BTW, the picture of Nutter and Sputz is on the PetPlace website. It is slide 12 under "friendly cats."

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