Sunday, August 14, 2005

Happy 10 Men & Burner day 10 Men 13 Yaxkin

Burner day! Watch for things to happen which affect large segments of population, and remember that burner day energies seem to stretch for a day or so before and after (kind of like the full moon) so something may have happened yesterday (when I am actually writing this, since as you read I'm on vacation) or will happen tomorrow.

Men is the eagle, the wise one, the keeper of esoteric knowledge and objects, the person you want on your Trivial pursuit team. Today you have a little bit of the Men energy in you--you can recall things easier, learn strange facts. But since we're at a level 10 energy, your mind can be overwhelmed with minutia and useless knowlege, so be careful what you dump in. An open mind is not a trash can.

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