Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Happy 6 Kan 6 Kan 2 Mol

I am finally back on track, doing today's daykeeping today, and not doing yesterday's (or last week's). I keep thinking about my sweet little Gwennie bird and the silly things she did, and I get so angry that my last memory is so ugly, of her rotting body. That is so wrong. I try to remember the twinkle she'd get in her eyes when she wanted to play and instead I remember that her eyes had sunken into her head. I know the bad memory will hasn't even been a week....but right now it still hurts. A lot.

Six-we are back into balance and moderation, no worrying about overkill or lack of energy. Kan is the lizard, the muse, the seed. Not many lizards up here in Connecticut to observe, but we can listen to the whispers of our muse. We can work on the seeds we've planted in the past, and allow them to grow.

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