Monday, September 19, 2005

6 Oc Manifestation Portal 6 Oc 8 Chen

20 days from center of Tzolkin!

The story Gary Jennings tells in Aztec about dogs and the underworld is very interesting. He says not to pick a white dog: a white won't help you because it won't want to get dirty. And don't pick a black dog: a black dog is wiling to help, but you'll lose it in the dark. Pick a medium-colored dog (jacinth, he calls it), a red-gold dog (I always think of my ex-boyfriend's chow), which won't mind gettting dirty and won't get lost in the blackness.

And here we are in a dog day, fast approaching the center, and in the center of these manifestation days. Are you a vain white dog who won't help? Or a helpful black dog who gets lost in the confusion? Or are you the not-as-pretty medium dog, the all-purpose dog?

What do you want to be?

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David said...

Hi Gevera,

I remember the information about the dog colors in 'Aztec.' I actually at the point when Mixtli is in the desert country with the Chichimecatl people. It is very good book.