Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Happy 8 Eb Manifestation Portal 8 Eb 10 Chen

It's the celebration day for Eb--the path, the road, karmic ties. And what path are we all focused on right now? Rita, the makes-Katrina-look-like-kids-playing-in-a-puddle storm, heading toward Texas and brushing by poor sodden NOLA.

Why is it that only pagans can see how pissed off Mother Earth is at us? The Christian Conservatives blame homosexuality. No, Mother Earth LOVES homosexuality. Homosexuals don't reproduce. It's not homosexuals who are overpopulating the world. It's Christian conservatives who don't believe in birth control of any sort, or abortion, or even the morning-after pill for rape victims. They are all about reproduction--more people, more to carry on their agenda, who cares if there's too many people here already, and not enough land or food or clean water for everyone, just pump out more kids.

It makes me sick. If I was Mother Earth I'd be shaking even harder than she is.

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