Wednesday, September 07, 2005

fish dream

So, probably based on the long amount of time I spent staring at bowls and bowls of bettas, I had a fish dream. In the dream I had 3 tanks, I think 10 gallon ones, lined up on the floor, and all 3 were filled with baby bettas which looked kinda like fancy guppies (at least in size). So many baby bettas that they were jumping out of the tanks, probably a hundred in each tank or more. Also I found mixed in with the baby bettas some cichlids and a fresh water seahorse (is there such a thing?). Of course the nasty cichlids (carnivorous, mean rotten fish--I got bit by one once when I worked at a pet store) were eating the baby bettas so even though I had too many bettas I isolated the cichlids (and that's when I found the seahorse). For some reason I decided that Betta Boy III had had a mouthful of eggs and he spewed them out when I got him home. (I have no idea if betta males even hold eggs in their mouths. I know they build bubble nests.) I was thinking about how many betta bowls I'd have to buy and wondering if the pet store would buy any of the babies.

There was more in the dream, about a fire, and a house (house was not on fire--some kind of gypsy wagon type thing was), and someone famous but I can't remember who, and seeing a guy who I was in a play with in high school in a movie. He looked like the famous person; it was a mistaken identity scene. Or maybe it wasn't a movie, maybe I was watching the filming. That part is all confused. Maybe it was a different dream. I don't think I was actually in that one, not sure.

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