Saturday, September 24, 2005

11 Men Manifestation/burner 11 Men 13 Chen manifestation portal/burner

This is it, the last manifestation portal of this half of this Tzolkin. Not that you can't expect anything to come to you for the next 140 days...just that there won't be scheduled times to expect things! And it's also a burner day--oh, another hurricane hitting? Imagine that.

My friend in Houston thankfully came through Rita safely. He wasn't able to evacuate due to lack of gas. His wife is due with their 3d son in 6 weeks and I'm sure trying to evacuate with a heavily pregnant woman, two toddlers and assorted cats would have been a nightmare. He called me as soon as his power came back on--they were fine, their house is fine, everything's fine, except there's still no gas in Houston. Nice.

What can you expect to manifest today? Wisdom. Discernment. (The two hallmarks of Men). 11 is also a master number, so mastery of discernment might be something to look for.

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