Thursday, July 07, 2005

10 Cib and the London bombings

Blowing up a shitload of people is one way to clean the planet. And although the death toll of approximately 40 seems high at first glance, on 9/11 it was 2,792 and the Madrid subway bombing was around 200. The war in Iraq is at over 15,000 Iraqis and who knows how many thousands of Americans and allies.
Meanwhile people keep starving to death in Africa and no one gives a shit. Don't you think the whole G8 thing is now hijacked by the London bombing?
And it's not about feeding the starvingn in Africa--or it shouldn't be. There are TOO MANY FUCKING PEOPLE ON EARTH. Sorry about swearing, but it's true. It's about population control--birth control. Stop having babies you can't afford to feed, especially if you're straving yourself.
Cib cleans.

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