Friday, July 08, 2005

Happy 11 Caban and Happy Birthday to me! 11 Caban 15 Tzec

11 Earthquake/incense. One of my friends' mayan birthdays is 13 Caban so we spent a while the other night talking about what that means to her--you'll have to wait 80 days for 13 caban to come around and find out!

11 is moderately high energy. Caban is of course prayer, talking directly to the gods (interceding), itza/feeding the gods, and the earthquakes of change. Random things, not total destruction like Cimi.

Happy (Julian) birthday to me! How different would I have been if my birthday was 11 Caban instead of 4 Akbal? We'll never know.
So this is my "year" of 11 Caban. It's something new I want to look at, if people's years have any impact on their lives, by taking the Julian birthday as equiviliant to the 0 Pop day in each person's life (instead of going by the 0 Pop date of that calendar year). Looks like lots of changes, lots of talking to the gods, lots of itza. I'm starting soon by putting all the offerings into the Circle, which is almost ready for its gravel layer (was going to be today, but it's pouring rain again. Hi Tlaloc! Hi Chac Mol!)

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