Thursday, July 14, 2005

happy 4 Akbal, my Tzolkin birthday (manifestation portal) 4 Akbal 1 Xul

Happy Tzolkin birthday to me! How fun, to have 2 birthdays in six days! The next time the two come so close together will be 2010....and my Tzolkin birthday will match my Julian birthday. I'll be 42. (That's one of the cycles of the Tzolkin meshing with the Julian--42 years, the time of mid-life crisis, kind of a Tzolkin return, if you will. Also, of course, if you're a Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy kind of person, you also know what 42 means!) In 2015 4 Akbal will be July 2, and on my 52nd birthday, 4 Akbal will once again coincide with 6 Tzec, and that will be 13 days off from my Julian birthday. So it's a 5 year thing...2005, 2010, 2015, 2020. So there must have been one in 2000...yup, July 20th.

Enough blathering about my birthday, who cares except for me?

Akbal-darkness, secrets, cave of transformation, butterfly's coccoon. A place where forces come to bear upon you, and change you, transform you.

Four is a square, solid number.
The energy isn't that high. It's very grounded, and also has its own kind of balance. It's about planning, not doing--it's hard to soar when your feet are planted in the earth.

Put those together and it's a day to be still, to meditate, to ALLOW.

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