Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 7 Ben 7 Ben 11 Tzec

Seven Ben, the center of this energy of the seeker. I like calling it "seeker" rather than "skywalker" (too damn star wars for me). Even "Pathfinder" is better--although I drive a Pathfinder, so that's what comes to mind first when I say that.
Ben is the reed, a person who can bend with the winds of change and yet still remain useful. Queztalcoatl was supposedly born on 1 Reed, or in the year 1-Reed if not the actual day 1-Reed.
Yesterday you examined your path. Today is the day to leave the safety of that path and see what's over the hill, behind the rock, in that copse of trees, just around the corner. Be the first! Tread on virgin ground. And then, having learned from your journey, teach others how to find that courage within themselves to move away from the trail.

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