Monday, July 18, 2005

Happy 8 Manik 8 Manik 5 Xul

It's the ultimate Manik day, the celebration. How can we celebrate Manik, one of the more complex daysigns? Deer, cooperation, herd mentality, shyness, being a tool of the gods, a human angel. Well, we could go out among people and do some good deeds. Anonymously, of course. I'll never forget one time my best friend & I tried to do an anonymous good deed. We were going into a gem show and we paid for the two people behind us. We gave the ticket taker our you've been touched by an angel cards & told her to just give the people the cards & tell them their tickets were paid for, and NOT to say who did it. We were barely at the first table in the show and we hear the ticket taker saying loudly "Those two girls over there paid for your tickets--some kind of project they're doing." Sigh. But don't let the idiots of the world ruin your good deeds. Just do it.

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