Saturday, July 02, 2005

Circle update

Working on the circle again this weekend. It's hot. I haven't taken any pictures, nothing very exciting, just a hole in the ground. When it's all excavated I'll take some more, showing the amazing network of roots which is underneath.
I collected all the spent flowers from my cacti, from my purple and blue iris and from my rose bushes, all for burying. A friend of mine brought over a bag of candle wax from her ritual candles. Someone else offered something (didn't tell me what) and then never answered my e-mail. Oh well.
Next week hopefully I'll be able to get the gravel (probably on Friday-my birthday!), and then we'll put the sand down, and have to get more sand (maybe Saturday afternoon--not sure as we have a wedding to go to that night: one of my friends is marrying one of my husband's friends, isn't that great?).
The goal was to finish by my birthday, but it's been either too hot, or pouring rain, or other commitments after work.

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