Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Happy 9 Men & new Moon 9 Men 13 Tzec

Men is the eagle, the seer, the repository of knowledge. I did a reading last night and "men" came up as a blockage, and my first thought was "how can knowledge be a blockage?" but one of the other meanings of Men, to me, is the kind of Trivial Pursuit mind, full of useless facts, or the person whose garage and shed are filled with old broken things "for parts" or "to fix later"--it's all about holding on. It's discernment.
Is all knowledge good? Are all objects valuable? Ah, the rub is ...are they good and valuable FOR YOU?

New Moon, time of beginnings. Go for it. Look at everything you hoard. Is it valuable to you, right now? who cares about the past. A video you used to love and haven't watched for years and will never watch again? Toss it in the goodwill/salvation army bin. Your prom gown? Chuck it-it's out of fashion and you'll never fit into it again even if it was.

I really love doing these daily posts. Amazing how the knowlege is just opening up to me.

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