Wednesday, May 04, 2005

the gods think I'm strong

Yesterday my AD-afflicted dad got into a car accident. My mom really didn't give me a lot of details. He hit someone (car, not person) and didn't know it, kept going. The guy chased him. The cops chased him. The cops wanted to take his license. My mom somehow got called to the scene and she convinced the cops not to take his license. She told my dad he can only drive in town now, close to home. (He was one town over.) He was so sad and quiet when I was over there. He wouldn't even talk to me, or look at me.

I have been doing some major changes in my life. Cleansing, herb work, body work, thought work. Energy is moving in me and around me. That whirlwind has produced all this crap. It's getting stirred up. I'm not bowing under the weight. I could have lain on my couch and cried all day yesterday (and that was BEFORE I knew about my dad) but I didn't. I bought Nine Inch Nails' With Teeth and went to work. I took a bath, scrubbed myself with a sea salt mixture which my Florida-friend made me, read a book on Mandalas, thought about why I am allowing all this DRAMA to happen to me.

I also just realized I haven't been doing the daykeeper thing. It fell right out of my head. I will resume tomorrow.

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