Monday, May 09, 2005

Happy 3 Caban 3 Caban 15 Uo

Caban is the energy of earthquakes (earth movement) & prayer. This World (or Sun) is called 4 Caban (which is in 40 days), according to the Aztec Calendar Stone, which has the caban shape as the central portion of the stone. This Sun is of Earth, and Earth will destroy it.
The Maya predicted the exact day for this event: 12-21-2012, although their calendar lists the day as 4 Ahau, not 4 Caban.

The ancient Aztecs (and perhaps the Maya also) did not pray as modern people do (on knees, hands folded--not that I pray that way anymore). They would use their intent to put their prayer into incense, and then light it. The smoke would then carry their prayer request up to the gods, and at the same time the smoke (which is a form of itza) would nourish the gods and hopefully predispose them to granting the request. Copal incense (which is like amber, but from a different tree) makes copious amount of smoke to feed the gods with. I know people who burn it inside, but I don't--it makes the smoke alarm go off! It's great for outside though. It perfumes the whole yard.

Three isn't a lot of energy. It's a day to put changes into motion (shake things up) and make requests of the gods--but small changes, small requests.

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