Sunday, May 01, 2005

fractured dream

I can't wait until I get rid of my sleep apnea so I can dream again!

In this extremely fractured dream, I was on some kind of quest. Every night I had to visit this cornfield on a hill, which was by a river, and take care of these cactus. One night I was sitting on the bank of the river with my bags and a blanket wrapped around me, talking on the phone to my hsuband, using a hands-free earpiece. In the reflected light from some where else (where? don't know!) I could see that there was a crocodile (or alligator, I don't understand the difference, and when one's about to eat me frankly I don't care to distinquish!). I remarked on it, "Wow, honey, there's a crocodile" and kept on with the conversation. It hung out in the water about six feet from me and then slipped under. "It's gone now." I kept talking and all of a sudden (you guessed it) the crocodile was RIGHT THERE. I realized my blanket was dragging in the water, and he was at the blanket's edge. I started yelling, gathered up the blanket, my bags, my phone and ran. The gator did not chase me and I felt foolish. My husband was freaking out and he wanted to come get me right away, but I wouldn't let him. Whatever it was I had to do there in the cornfield, I had to do it alone.

Then I had to go to the cactus patch. I was feeding them and caring for them but it was also like a game, with levels. The cactus got bigger, needed more elaborate care, etc. This night I got to a level where one of the cactus turned into a siphon and was sucking up all the nutrients and also the other smaller cactus. I didn't know what to do, how to stop it from doing that. Every level the siphon got bigger, the number of cactus fewer, no new babies. The person who'd sent me on this task was also upset. It was a man, but I don't know who he was. He wanted me to destroy the siphon but I explained that it was one of the cactuses (Cacti) not an intruder.

I called home again and got the answering machine. My husband's friend MFJ had recorded a new outgoing message while drunk. It was kinda funny, but annoying too, as both my husband and I have been going for job interviews and what if we got a call-back? And I was also jealous that my husband and his friend were obviously getting plastered while I was alone in this cornfield with a killer cactus siphon and a ravenous gator.

The next part is where it really starts to break down, and where my presence in the dream fades (except as an observer). Something was going on in a different part of the cornfield. I don't really understand but it seemed like there was a bunch of sentient vegatable OR freaks from a carnival (or some combination thereof) hiding in the corn. And someone else was moving things into the corn, and threatening them. One of the creatures was a frankenstein-type monster and there was a poster of him as a circus freak, and I guess one of the people moving stuff into his area turned out to be his son, and he recognised that it was his son. And that's all I remember.

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