Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy 2 Cib 2 Cib 14 Uo

Cib is the Vulture. People in our culture look at vultures as nasty things, horrible stinky ugly birds who eat carrion. But imagine if there weren't Vultures (or whatever animal serves their purpose in your area--around here it's crows & seagulls who eat roadkill) to dispose of the dead things no one else wants? How gross would the world be? Vultures have a purpose--they clean. Think of them as a wonderful maid service. Isn't that a lot nicer? The symbolic meaning of Cib is also the concept of Karmic Cleansing. Vulture can also eat your karma and your ties to the past. This brings in my 2nd favorite goddess,Tlazolteotl "filth eater"--she eats your sins and makes your soul clean. (That appeals to the part of me that used to be Catholic.) A statue of her lives in my Circle and is always available for ritual.

2, obviously, is a low numbered day. Get rid of minor karma. Do a little spring cleaning--one bookcase, or a cabinet, or your car trunk. (If you car trunk looks like the back of my Pathfinder, you might want to wait until the next Cib day, which will be 9 Cib and much better for larger projects!)

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