Sunday, May 29, 2005

Happy 10 Caban! 10 Caban 15 Zip

Caban-Earthquakes and Incense. And how exactly do those two images relate?

To the Aztecs, it's Ollin, movement (earthquake). Ollin is so important that the shape of it frames the center of the Sun stone. (In fact, I am going to post a picture of me at the sun stone 100% sized replica in Cozumel so you can see that.) The Aztecs think this Sun (world age) will end with earthquakes. This is the 5th world, I think. I always get confused. We've been destroyed by fire, flood, jaguars....sometimes my memory sucks. Anyway, movement=earthquake=change

Incense is the medium by which prayers are carried up to the gods. The incense is itza and feeds the gods. Feeding the gods means they will be more disposed to grant the prayers. And what are prayers about? Change. "Dear gods, make me thinner, richer, healthier"...CHANGE ME.

And that's how they link.

10 is high energy. Continue what you started yesterday with Cib and keep going with your changes!

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