Friday, May 27, 2005

Happy 8 Men 8 Men 13 Zip

Men: Eagle, Wise one. I always think of Men as the person who's really, really good at Trivial Pursuit (which I never played until a couple of years ago; turns out I'm not bad at it. And I kick ass at Lord of the Rings trivial pursuit, which I actually even own.) Lots of knowledge on lots of topics. Eclectic. Knows a little about a lot and also a lot about a little. Maybe even what used to be called a Renaisance Man.

8 is the number that some honor as the ultimate energy. 1 step above perfect balance (7), just a hint of extra energy. So celebrate knowledge today!

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soulcompanion2700 said...

Hi Gevera,

I'm really enjoying your insights here, thanks for your time and effort. Have a good time this weekend. I liked the Lord of the Rings movies. My sons and I went to them together.