Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Happy 4 Etznab 4 Etznab 16 Uo

Etznab is the Flint Knife. It's the knife of sacrifice. It's the edge you hover on when making a decision. It's energy exchange, and fairness, and balance. Are you cheating? Are you being cheated?

4 is a low number. Not a lot of energy going on today. Don't expect business dealings to go your way. I just went out to lunch, and a guy in front of me had 2 mistakes in his order--wrong soda, wrong size fries. I was given a burger with all the trimmings instead of a plain chicken sandwich. The guy whose burger I got had to wait for a new one because I had unwrapped it. (duh-how else was I to know it was wrong?)

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