Saturday, May 07, 2005

Happy 1 Men 1 Men 13 Uo

Men is the daysign that throws everyone off. They think "men=man" in English. That's not the case. Men is the Eagle, the wise old seer of the tribe, who may be male or female. The Eagle keeps the knowledge, all knowledge, without judging it to be good or bad, useful or junk. (The Eagle is very good at Trivial Pursuit!) Some of the knowledge may be used, but mostly it's just stored there, waiting for someone to ask about it.

1 is a low energy day, obviously, but it's also ONE, the first day, the initating energy. A great day to start a research project, make some notes, maybe request a list of books from the library or do some minor searching on the internet. (Try Google's new Scholar search.)

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