Thursday, May 12, 2005

My poor fishie!

For the past week or so, one of my albino cory-catfish has been acting kind of strange. Several times I've been convinced he was dead, but when I went to get him with the net he'd swim away.
When he sits on the bottom of the tank, resting, he lists to the side (redundant, but some don't know what "lists" means). For a day or so his gills looked red and inflamed. Now he's taking to napping VERTICALLY in the plants--he totally looks deceased when he does this.
Last night I was doing a water change and I saw why.
He has no tail.
He had a tail when I bought him. They both had all their parts.
I feel really bad. The betta must have attacked him.
Is he suffering? Will his tail grow back? Should I flush him alive or is that more cruel than just letting him die? Should I take him out and let him aspirate? But I can't kill him. He's my cute little Whiskers fish.

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