Friday, May 06, 2005

happy 13 Ix 13 Ix 12 Uo

I love Ix. It's one of my favorite day-signs. It's the jaguar shaman. It's the natural wizard/witch--the person who connects to natural earth energies. Elemental energies, solar/lunar energies, plants, animals. Today's 13 Ix, the biggest fattest dose of this energy possible. Hug a tree! Plant a flower! Kiss a dog! Talk to the moon!

The magical name I was given when I become a Mayan Reiki master is Ix Mahel. Ix is not only the Jaguar Shaman, but it's also a term of respect given to female shamans. (A person did not give it to me, I channeled it.) I don't know much about Mahel except that it's angelic: hence "Angelic Jaguar Shaman"

For those who don't know, Ix is not pronounced to rhyme with "nicks", but with "leash". X=SH.

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